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Married and Deer Season

This is a discussion on Married and Deer Season within the Humorous Jokes, Stories or Pictures forums, part of the GENERAL category; The marriage between the elderly farmer and his young wife was not working out too well, so the farmer consulted ...

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    Default Married and Deer Season

    The marriage between the elderly farmer and his young wife was not working out too well, so the farmer consulted his doctor for advice.

    "The next time you're down in the field plowing and feel a yearning for your wife." said the doctor, "don't wait until lunch time or the end of the day, but quit what you're doing and go to the house." "I tried that," said the farmer, "but by the time I get to the house, I am so tuckered out, it's no use."

    The doctor thought for a minute, "Take your rifle with you when you leave the house in the morning and if you feel the urge, shoot the rifle and she will come down there where you are."

    A few weeks later the two men met on the street.

    "How did it work out?" asked the doctor.

    "Fine, the first three days," said the farmer, "then deer hunting season opened and I haven't seen her since."

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