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Worst Pain.....Ouch!!!!!

This is a discussion on Worst Pain.....Ouch!!!!! within the Humorous Jokes, Stories or Pictures forums, part of the GENERAL category; Worst Pain in the World A guy comes in for his appointment for a root canal. He chats with the ...

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    Default Worst Pain.....Ouch!!!!!

    Worst Pain in the World
    A guy comes in for his appointment for a root canal.
    He chats with the dentist for a bit. Finally the dentist says "Ok let's numb you up." 

    The guy says "Thatē—“ not a problem Doc. You don't have to use that stuff. It'll be ok." 

    The dentist says, "My God man, you got to be kidding me. It will be the "worst pain in the world"

    The guy says to the dentist, "No way doc. I already suffered the worst pain in the world." 

    The dentist is dumb founded and says, "My goodness. What pain in the world would be more painful than a root canal with no Novocain?" 

    The guy says, "Well Doc, I was out deer hunting with my buddies in the North Woods. We spilt up and after a while nature called. So I dropped my pants to my ankles and leaned my back up against a big tree; squatted down to take a dump. All was ok. I even had toilet paper and I was comfortable. But little did I know I was squatted over a bear trap, and when that turd hit the trap the jaws clamp right onto my family jewels!"

    The dentist couldn't believe his ears and he said, "My God. You're right, that has to be the worst pain in the world!" 

    The guy shakes his head and says "Not really, Doc. The way I figure, that was the second worst pain in the world!"

    The dentist says, "What in the hell could possibly be worse than that?"

    The guy answers "When I took off running and got to the end of that damn chain!"

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