Have 6 tags for 2013 in Zimbabwe, only 2 left this year.

14 Days @ $ 750 a day . Trophy fee on Leopard $ 3750

Baits are $ 100 each . Pre Baiting if requested $ 150 a day plus baits.

All the normal applicable 2% Levy on day rate and 4% on trophy fees.
Observers are $ 200 a day.I will with a direct booking let 2nd observer come free of charge.

Additional Plains game can be taken at the trophy fee price.

Included is Services of PH and staff transfer from airport and back.

Dates available this year are from the 13th October to the 13th November.

Prepared to offer a 10% discount on direct bookings on Hunters day rate only.

Stay safe, and good hunting.

Wayne Van Den BerghRONNIE LEOPARD PICTURES MAY 2012 078.jpg