We just got word that a hunter moved his hunt to next year due to some personal commitment at home. This means that we now have some dates open in the Month of August which is one of the best months to come and hunt South Africa.

The dates open now are 15th to the 28th of August. Book any days in that period minimum of 7 days.

Daily rate for 1x1 is R2250.00 per hunter per day
Daily rate for 2x1 is R1950.00 per hunter per day

Observer is welcome at R800.00 per day 2 obserevers maximum per hunter.

Trophy fees can be viewed at Trophy fees

If you are interested setup a wishlist and lets see what we can do with the trophy fee rates.

Please note this is not a canceled hunt the hunt just moved on to 2010 but now you have a chance to come hunt with us at very reduced daily rates with great dates.