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South Africa Hunt ideas

This is a discussion on South Africa Hunt ideas within the GREAT DEALS on Hunts Worldwide forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Good day my friends at Africa Hunting. I recently (last 60 days) signed up to this forum and received a ...

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    Default South Africa Hunt ideas

    Good day my friends at Africa Hunting.

    I recently (last 60 days) signed up to this forum and received a great amount of information on Bow Hunting in South Africa. I had some computer problems (or something) and had not been able to log back in. All that great information is lost. If I might be able to indulge from those who already sent;

    I am planning a south africa plains game hunt late next year 2013. Because of the rest of my plans to vacation there, I am only interested in hunting South Africa within a days ride of Johannesburg. This is my first hunt there. I am an avid bow hunter and will only hunt that way. Working with PG's/outfitters who specialize in bow hunting is almost the most important aspect of this post. I am good with blind hunting, but would like to include at least one spot/stalk during my visit even if for "minor" game. Shooting caged animals does not work for me, though I do understand 'ranches' of significant size are common there, thats OK. My wife will be accompanying me as photographer and will not hunt. On my absolute trophy list are Kudu and Impala, with warthog and other smaller game possible. I have heard about cull hunts or management hunts and am open to that as well. I am looking for at least 5 days of hunting, preferably 7+ to do this right. If I finish early, we might just do more and I know that more animals cost more.

    In my research so far, I get lost in the fees, so if anyone has a package to do this that would include things like transport from Johannesburg, meals, drinks (non alcoholic), room accomodations,that VAT I keep reading about, trophy fees, guide fees, and packing and shipping of trophies, it would really help seal the deal. I have yet to find anyone with an all inclusive hunt (except flights) but that would be great. We are likely able to book the hunt 8-12 months ahead. One unusual request, is there must be refrigeration available for me, as I travel with refrigerated medication. I do not have serious health issues and am able to hunt even in rather extreme conditions, I am just tethered to this medication ongoing.

    I know we have many many experienced guides on this site and I open to review any suggestions. In the end, ease of booking/planning means a lot, price will be a big factor and meeting these needs is critical...

    Thank you again everyone for putting up with me. I will endeavor not to lose so much information again.


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    Sorry to hear of the computer probs..

    Quote Originally Posted by renoboyd View Post
    Good day my friends at Africa Hunting.
    I have yet to find anyone with an all inclusive hunt (except flights) but that would be great. ......

    Nor I doubt will you ever.
    We were just talking about this idea. ALL inclusive prices, in the grandest sense.

    VAT is a tax and it is included in most prices on those items effected.

    Transfer to and from airport
    Most will readily quote this cost if you ask.

    Packing and shipping-- How do you include this one?
    Who knows what you will "harvest".
    Your trophies are not ready for up to a year.
    Airfares/shipping costs change.
    This task involves at least three businesses or more.

    I suspect that if this were included your price quote would go through the roof.
    It is easy enough to get an estimate for your shipping from any of the D&P's, taxidermists

    A simple spread sheet can deal with the task Boyd.
    I hope you get some quotes.

    Good luck.

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    Sportsmans Safaris with Clive Perkins, He has some nice packages that are very reasonable, his camp is right on the limpopo river with plenty of excellent quality game. I have been there several times and am going back next summer. contact me if you want more info and I can put you in touch with Clive directly

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    Hi Boyd you will find very few if any outfitters that will include shipping as it is Impossible to know what the cost will be to the clients home all over the world you may get them to throw in the Dip and Pack and they will give you a recommended shipping agent to get a quote from for the shipping itself you will also need a customs broker on this side of the pond to handle the customs paperwork for you here. A good place to start is Daretobowhunt send them an email it will give you a good place to start,give them your list and see what they can do for you.
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    Dear Boyd:

    I sent you a private message.

    EAI Outdoors
    EAI Outdoors
    (888) 710-9453 - (920) 563-1061

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    I am just getting back to the thread. Lots of great information and I am sure to ask all of you (the experts and experienced types) more about this all. Its the feedback that seems to get me in the right direction. Thank you!

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    Very easy to include a proforma invoice for trophies on the wishlist as far as dip and pack goes, it does not really change that much when 1 or 2 trophies are are added to the bag.

    Most outfits will put you in contact or rquest a pro forma from someone like Zingela forwarders or SBS logistics it is so simple to do this I do not know why more do not do it. You can even get a insurance quote.

    note that the proforma includes spesifically mentioned trophies if you were to add more it would change very little.

    **********These are only examples**********

    My best always
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    Good Day Boyd,

    As the folks above make some valid points.

    It is not difficult to quote on a "Complete " package - As you would like your " potential " trophy prices for Dip / pack / ship etc - all that would reqd would be a Pro Forma from a reputable Taxidermist in SA.
    The rest of the package could well be on an all inclusive rate - this would / could vary somewhat, if you got the urge to harvest one or two other animals - however, as you should have been provided the Prices prior to booking, you could have a small contingency for additional animals.

    Please dont hesitae to ask if you require any further assistance
    Yours in Bowhunting

    Dark Continent Bowhunting
    Pro Staff Pro Staff Bowfinger Archery

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