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Hunting Package Wanted:

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    Default Hunting Package Wanted:

    Good Morning/Afternoon Folks-

    Hope the holidays are treating you all well. I figure it's about time to get over to Africa and experience what everyone has been telling me about. My intent is provide a list of game that I want to make into a package, nothing added or excluded. Now we (wife&I) have made the decision that either we go over for the plainsgame package or just jump on in for an Ele. hunt only. I'm open for suggestions. Here is what we/I am looking for: Greater Kudu, Gemsbuck, Eland, Nyala, Impala & Wart Hog. If any of you have a area/ranch with these in 1 area please feel free to shoot me a PM. With the Ele. I would be looking for an exportable in the 35-50lb range. Thanks to all in advance.


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    BnC 04

    The basic cost of these two safari are like night and day, however i am sure you are aware of this.

    I would take the time to review the top button under outfitters and look at many on here who will fill your bill. You will receive many reply's, however would i suggest that you do your part and do some followup to see if it is what you are looking for.

    What you have failed to provide is what kind of plains game trophies are you looking for. Which are your top choices and what size trophy are you willing to settle for. Horn dimensions, small - average - large - very large.

    These are two different packages>

    Exportable Elephant hunt for you and the wife, this is a doable safari, i would suggest looking at the following countries: Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa and Possibly Namibia. Many fine outfitters should be be able to fill your bill. Try and fit the dry season for the countries to have elephant bunched up at watering holes for a better than average chance of getting what you are looking for.

    Plains game you say as a back up: May I that you look to Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Again many should be able to fill your want list. again as the season changes with the various animals this will help you better your odds of getting the best you can.

    The reply's you receive will be interesting.
    James Grage - New Mexico
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    Thanks for the advice, without a doubt these are very much two different hunts. As far as the quality (size) of the plainsgame, I don't intend to harvest any new world records and very content in saying that but I think a strong specimen would be in order. I think what would make me more happy is being on a property that has a high population of "mature" animals to look at instead of say only "3".

    I think from what I have gathered from the convention shows and talking to folks is we will stick with Zim or SA. If it was just myself going I might be a little more adventurous. To be honest I think my biggest fear is someone offering up a quality Ele. package and me having to tell "Mama" that our decision has been made...

    I appreciate any/all input pertaining to this hunt with open arms. My "thing" is bear hunting and absorbing more knowledge outside of my scope is a welcome process. Thanks again to all.


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    I suggest that you give additional consideration to what you are looking for in an African hunting experience. The two options that you have laid out will result in radically different experiences. Tented hunt in the bush, chalet accommodations on a high fenced ranch, hunt as soon as you leave camp, drive a distance to the hunting area, a hunt where you will see no one else, a hunt in an area with local villages, a hunt in an area near towns, you aren't going to contact anyone without a sat phone, bring your cell - it works here. All the afore mentioned are logical options given your parameters. Why don't you try to draw a mental picture of the experience that you want and see who can provide that. In my 4 trips (all to Botswana) I have found that the actual trophy is not what keeps me coming back, it is the overall experience. Personally I prefer to be in a tented safari in the bush. I like having a river or some form of water nearby. I prefer relatively flat terrain and like a mixture of jess and mopane forest. I like close shots not long ones. I like to have multiple trophies, twice I have taken a very good Buffalo on the first day, I prefer not to be a photographer for the last 5 days of my hunt.
    For me, 10 day hunts in the Okavango delta for plains game and buffalo are perfect. Unfortunately they are no longer available so this year I am going to hunt the Matetsi area of Zim. 10 day Buffalo and plainsgame, which I feel is also an ideal first African hunt. I also suggest that you give some more thought to how much money you want to spend. The two hunts that you are considering could be had for less than $10,000 or up to $50,000. That is a pretty big spread. Narrow things down a bit and you will have an easier time making a decision and will have a better chance of getting the hunt that you want.
    my 2 cents, worth what you paid for it.

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    Hi Nathan

    In order to get all the plains game that you are wanting in one trip best to go to South Africa, it will most likely be on a game fenced property and there are some great properties in South Africa which will have all the species you request as well as offer great accomodations, just do your home work first and be sure that you are not going to be driven all over the counrty to several properties some very small that have what you are looking for.Try to find an outfit that will offer you most of what you wish to try get on one property then you won't be dissapointed. As far as Zimbabwe is concerned you will have a great hunt for Kudu, Eland, Impala and Warthog and you will see many more species as well allthough there is no Gemsbok and very few places have Nyala , again do your home work , when you book with the right outfit who has a good track record and is a member of their countries Professional hunters Ass you can not really go wrong. For Elephant between 35-50lb Zimbabwe is your best chance at a price that will suit most first time hunters. It is possible to do both Elephant and plains game on the same safari should you wish to.

    Best of luck where ever you may hunt, and if I can be of further assistance let me know, I will be glad to help where I can.

    All the best for 2012

    Wayne Van Den Bergh
    Wayne Van Den Bergh
    Nyamazana Safaris - Zimbabwe

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    TerryR is spot on the money. If you have never been to Africa before, IMHO you will miss out on a lot if you go in the deep end first.

    If you can afford an elephant or Big 5 hunt then I would advise that a representative Plains Game hunt with some sight seeing is a very sensible pre-requisite. You will get to see the country, how the hunts are run etc.. Then you can concentrate on Elephant. Who knows, you may become hooked instead on collecting the spiral horn antelope or the Small Five. There is a lot of great hunting in Africa that does not require a cannon to be successful.

    I have been on two PG hunts and had been to Africa three time previously backpacking and hitch hiking over southern Africa. I still found the amount of information, sensations and knowledge a huge overload when I returned on trips 4 and 5 to hunt.
    Time spent in Reconnaisance is never wasted.

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    Hi Nathan,
    A very warm welcome to the forum. You will find all of the info you need to book your trip of a lifetime here. Majority of the members here have excellent knowledge and experience on hunting Africa, and will give you sound advise on your trip.

    Best Regards,
    Marius Goosen
    Marius Goosen
    KMG Hunting Safaris - South Africa, Namibia, Zambia

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    Default Hunting package Wanted:

    Hi Nathan
    hope your new year is ful of exitment and joy, I am in Namibia if you are intrested i can help with the plains game that you are seeking to take, PM me and we can chat a bit. Go to and have a look.

    Stephanus Schoonbee - Agent
    Okatare Hunting Safaris - Namibia

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    Good Day Nathan,

    Have all those species available.
    Could set up a package for you, have a look at my site:
    If you interested e-mail me and we can discuss.


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