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Lord Derby Eland

This is a discussion on Lord Derby Eland within the GREAT DEALS on Hunts Worldwide forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; I am really starting to get the itch for a lord derby eland and have no clue where to start. ...

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    Default Lord Derby Eland

    I am really starting to get the itch for a lord derby eland and have no clue where to start. It seems like all the websites I go through are booking agents or are sites from really massive outfitters who hunt many other countries. What I want to find is a reputable outfitter who charges an honest price and can possibly give me a great chance at a 50 inch eland. Right now it appears as if all the eland hunts are around $50,000 and I can't justify paying that much for any animal on this earth. I figure I may wait years before I find just the right eland hunt with an outfitter I feel I can trust but who knows. Maybe you guys on here have some insight on how to get an eland and not get ripped off. Yes I know they aren't cheap but as I've said before I refuse to pay such high prices so maybe I will never go on a derby eland hunt.

    Does anyone have any idea?

    Thanks in advance

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    I can recommend Central African Wildlife Adventure PH Anton Lundkvist. Personally I haven't hunted there yet, but the references I got, are more then enough. Look at

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    All I have to do is look at the SCI and DSC exhibitors list for last year and major outfitters for Lord Eland Derby are there. My advice is not to cut any corners and find a quality outfitter, be in excellent shape, save your money and book a long hunt! Youe never know what the weather will be like and how hard they are to track and find a shooting opportunity.

    My opinions are based on interviews and research into those types of hunt. You definitely want to be in area where poaching is controlled and is well managed....those are not cheap hunts....especially is you want a old mature, giant Lord Eland Derby.

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    Have you looked at Christophe Morio site it looks like he has many successful Lord Derby Eland customers...I do believe that he has posted articles on the forum about hunting L. D. Eland and if you do a search you will find them...

    I have not looked at Mr. Morio prices, and with age creeping up and with my hips and knees i do not think i will be making that Safari... While i think that they are great animals i will have to pass...
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    I'm sure you guys are right in that there are no good deals to be found on giant eland especially if you want a 50 incher. My wife says if I go she gets to shoot one to so my price just doubled. I'm starting to think seriously about selling my business so that I can hunt all the time. I may very well be lining out some "out of this world" hunts starting this fall. Look out eland.

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