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25 November Driven/Stand Hunt in Bavaria

This is a discussion on 25 November Driven/Stand Hunt in Bavaria within the GREAT DEALS on Hunts Worldwide forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Attention European Hunters, I currently have two unfilled seats for a one day driven hunt in Bavaria which I will ...

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    Default 25 November Driven/Stand Hunt in Bavaria

    Attention European Hunters, I currently have two unfilled seats for a one day driven hunt in Bavaria which I will make available to you. This is a great oppurtunity for you to experience traditional German hunting on one of the finest state owned reveres in the country. Other dates may become available throughout the year for two day hunts.

    This is a one day driven stand hunt. Hunters are seated in high seats and consoles while dogs and drivers slowly push the area, this keeps the game moving without forcing them from the area.

    Driven Hunt for Red Deer, Wild Boar, and Roe Deer
    (Rotwild, Schwartzwild schwein, und Rehwild)
    Date: 25 November 2009
    Number of hunters: 50
    Unused Seats Available: 2

    Revere Information:
    The hunting grounds are a state owned and regulated forest in Bavaria Germany.The area is 16.000 ha in total size, of which 9.500 ha are forest. This is a traditional German community hunting opportunity. Non resident hunters are required to attain a valid German Hunting License (10 day license available)

    Species hunted:Red Deer, Wild Boar, Roe Deer.
    In total in 2008 there were shot: 763 Red Deer, 276 Wild Boar, 304 Roe Deer taken on this Revere

    Hunting Costs: Discounted Cost 300.00 per hunter plus and additional 75 usage fee to the Forestry Service. 10 day temporary hunting license 25. Total price 400.

    Original cost of hunt is 659 for German hunters.

    Program/Time Schedule:
    Eve of the hunt: Meeting at 19.00 h in the Hotel

    07.30h Linkup with escorts to the hunting registration area

    08.30h Seated in Stand

    09.00h-15.00h Drivers in the field

    15.00h-16.00h Ceremonial end of hunt

    Included in these fees:
    -Organization of the hunting trip, as well as the instructions of a hunting guide and Federal forestry officers during the hunt.

    -Shooting of one year old red deer stags (prickets), female red deer, wild boars (except sows), roe deer and male fawns

    -Optional additional day of Roe deer and boar hunting on my revere

    -2 nights hotel stay in local hotel with breakfast

    -Guide and mentor throughout your stay and during the hunt

    -Beaters and dog handlers

    -Customary final meal after the hunt at local gasthaus


    Not included in these fees:
    -Payment for trophies

    -Red Stags Class 1, priced determined by forestry officer, minimum 1200,00 (plus VAT)

    -Red Stags Class. II up to 2,0kg 450,00 (plus VAT)
    For every 100 grams there will 70,00 (plus VAT)

    -Red Stags Kl. II 2,5 kg 800,00 (plus VAT)

    -Meals before and after the hunt

    -German hunting License (10 DAY Temporary license 25.00)

    All game is considered property of the State of Bavaria, trophy prices are determined by the forestry service and are negotiable. Trophy fees will be paid directly to the Forestry service officer upon completion of a successfull hunt. Class 1 Red Stags are a premium trophy, it is strongly suggested that you express your desire for such a trophy prior to booking this hunt due to availability of Capital Stags on one day hunts.

    German customs and hunting traditions will be upheld throughout the day. Instruction provided by your American guide in order to facilitate a successfull hunt.
    Macs Burke

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    Default Bavarian Hunt

    Some pictures of an OCT Bavarian cull hunt late October

    The traditional layout of the game

    Class 1B Rotwild hirsch (Red Stag) 10 yo taken on day one

    A happy group of American hunters, these men accounted for over half the taken on the first day of the hunt!

    Class 2A taken Rotwild Hirsch, this stag was previously wounded by another hunter (see wound on left hind leg)
    Macs Burke

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    Thank you all for your inquiries, these seats have been filled and this offer is now closed.

    I just posted a hunt report from our last hunt in a nearby hunting area from late October, click here to check it out, I'll post another after this hunt in November.

    Thanks Again

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Macs Burke

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    Hi Macs!
    What an interesting hunt. The price seems very reasonable also.

    Weidmansheil für 25th!

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    Thanks, these are really great hunts. This revere is a once in a life time hunt for most Germans. The foresters I hunt with are traditional Bavarian sportsmen and just truly good people. I decided to package these unused seats up and offer them here since so many of our members are Europe based.

    These seats are essentially ones I requested in the early planning days and either couldn't fill or were cancelled for one reason or another. I usually have one or two left over for each hunt due to the busy mission of my military hunters and NATO civilians. Since the seats are considered "American" seats I can pass that savings on to you. Our German hunters pay twice as much as the American rate. It is consideration the forestry service gives me for our local Americans. Keep your eye on the discounted hunts forum, I will post another couple of opportunities in Dec and Jan. These are usually short notice so if anyone is Europe based they can really take advantage of a premier hunting area at a very inexpensive rate.
    Macs Burke

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    I am interested in doing a Bavaria Hunt. I lived there for 2 years but now have the money to be able to hunt there. Can you tell me if you have anything availabel and when the seasons are?

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    Hunted Africa...are there other continents to hunt?


    I guess someone didn't want to be in the photo???


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    Operational security concerns at the request of the individual.
    Macs Burke

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    Default German hunting

    Hallo Macs, how was the hunt this year? are you a member of SCI Bavaria?
    Koennten Sie und vielleicht helfen.
    Wir suchen einen Agent in Deutschland.
    Wir wuerden uns auf eine mail freuen
    Mit freundlichen Gruessen aus Namibia
    von Margaret und alle auf Baobab
    Baobab Game Ranch

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    Sounds like a very interesting hunt.

    The picture just lets you imagine yourself in that spot TOM!

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