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You determine the discount off a good starting price for Plains Game Hunt & Cull Hunt

This is a discussion on You determine the discount off a good starting price for Plains Game Hunt & Cull Hunt within the GREAT DEALS on Hunts Worldwide forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Special Discounted Hunting Packages for the 2010 season. A number of trophy plus cull animal hunting packages are offered for ...

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    Talking You determine the discount off a good starting price for Plains Game Hunt & Cull Hunt

    Special Discounted Hunting Packages for the 2010 season.

    A number of trophy plus cull animal hunting packages are offered for 2010 in a manner aimed at getting my booking calendar filled up as soon as possible. The ‘discount’ offered is therefore coupled by the timing of payment of the booking confirmation deposit.

    All start with client(s) and observer(s) arriving at Bloemfontein regional airport on a Sunday where they will be met and transported to Mervilla.

    Starting at first light on Monday and ending at last light on the Friday all will have a 5 full days of hunting.

    The package includes the following 5 animals:
    1 trophy blesbuck +
    1 culled female or male < 12” blesbuck +
    1 trophy springbuck +
    1 culled springbuck female or male < 10” +
    1 trophy steenbuck.

    Clients and guests will be returned to Bloemfontein regional airport on Saturday after delivery of the field prepared trophies to a local taxidermist.

    The normal full price cost for this package is R 27 750.00, but this cost is discounted as follows;

    If a deposit of R 8750 (50&#37; of normal daily rate) is paid into my banking account on or before

    • 31 October 2009 the cost is only R 20 815.50 – a 25 % discount.
    • 30 November 2009 the cost is only R 22 200.00 – a 20 % discount.
    • 31 December 2009 the cost is only R 23 587.50 – a 15 % discount.
    • Any time in 2010 the cost will be R 24 975.00 – a 10 % discount.

    A further R 8750.00 (remainder of normal daily rate) has to be paid by electronic transfer or cash before the start of the hunt. Any remaining money, i.e. R 3312.50 if the discount was 25 %, or R 4700.00 if the discount was 20 % or R 6087.50 if the discount was 15 % or R7475.00 if the discount was 10 % is payable in hard currency at the end of the hunt. In the unlikely event of a hunter not getting one or more of the animals included in the package the full normal list price will be deducted from the outstanding balance.

    If you act quickly you actually get 3 trophy animals and two cull animals at only R 3312.50! Unheard of, but true!

    The hunter can update the package by asking an additional hunter [2X1 hunting] or observer and/or child for R 12500.00, R 6250.00 and R 2500.00 less the same % discount as determined by the time when the first booking deposit is paid. The booking deposit remains R 8750.00, so the hunter can decide at a later stage to also ask an additional hunter and or observer(s) and or child(ren) along for the hunt. Once the deposit has been paid the entire accommodation facility is booked for that hunting group, be it a single person or more. Absolute exclusivity of all the accommodation facilities is guaranteed for the person making the booking.

    In a similar manner the hunter can hunt additional trophies or additional cull animals at the same discount from the standard list price as was determined by the date by which the booking deposit has been paid. These trophy animal costs are as listed under “Representative Specimen” and “Cull / Budget” hunting at Andrew McLaren Safaris South Africa Hunting

    A last way in which the hunter can upgrade to package is by adding additional hunting days to the dates where possible. Any additional charges will also be at the discounted rate as determined by the dat by which the booking deposit is made.

    All the ‘standard’ hospitality services are included: All transport, all meals, snacks, soft drinks, beer, wine and sundowners in generous moderation as well as cleaning and laundry services.

    The guiding PH will be Andrew McLaren and hunting licenses, permissions and field preparation of trophies for the hunter’s choice of taxidermy work are all included.

    The hunters and guests do not need to bring anything, other than a change of clothing and personal items & medicine, not even bring rifles – suitable bolt action rifles are available on loan at no cost, including free ammo.

    The following starting dates are available; some more dates can possibly be negotiated:

    Sunday 23 May 2010 up to Sunday 30 May 2010
    Sunday 30 May 2010 up to Sunday 6 June 2010
    Sunday 6 June 2010 up to Sunday 13 June 2010
    Sunday 27 June 2010 up to Sunday 4 July 2010

    All hunting offered in terms of this package is for free ranging animals – there are only low cattle fences that do not restrict the movement of these species. Hunting will be by walking in search of animals and ten stalking to within safe sure shooting range. A vehicle will at most be used to get to the general search area. This is true grassveld hunting and longer rather than closer shots can be expected.

    Any further questions can be directly addressed to me by email.

    In good hunting.

    Andrew McLaren
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    Andrew McLaren Safaris - Hunting in South Africa

    A good hunt is worth whatever amount of money you spend on it!

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    This actually sounds like a great deal but I'm getting lost trying to sort out the details! Would you please either post a clarification or PM me and we can discuss the specifics.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Macs Burke

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    Talking Second attempt at explaining my offer. Hope this works better!

    Macs B,

    Yes, my offer is poorly worded. Fortunately, as I hope you will find out personally when hunting as my client, I'm a much better PH than written communicator!

    I need to get some bookings for next year - not so much to make money, but to get enjoyment from guiding foreign hunters. So I offer some very serious discounts on hunts that start of at competitive prices as listed here. [Sorry some error crept in while updating - downwards - my prices. The page looks wrong now, but all links still works: Just scroll down to the table of prices. I hope to get it fixed soon!]

    The quicker a client can and does respond, the bigger discount I offer! For the man who has some money to deposit now, like before the end of the month, on a hunt in 2010 the following will apply:

    Pay the 'normal price' booking deposit of R 8750.00 for a selected dates in 2010 before 31 October 2009 and you get
    (i) 25 &#37; discount on all daily rates for you as the hunter [note that the paying of the 'normal' 50 % of the full Daily Rates cost does not mean that the full Daily Rate is not also subject to 25 % discount; it is!
    (ii) 25 % discount on Daily Rates for a second [2X1] hunter that you are entitled to bring along;
    (iii) 25 % discount on the Daily Rates for any non-hunting observers that you are also entitled to bring along;
    (iv) 25 % discount on any Daily Rates for all in your party for additional hunting days added to the original booked period;
    (v) 25 % discount on trophy fees on animals offered in the package;
    (vi) 25 % discount on trophy fees for any additional trophy animals that are hunted by both yourself or any fellow hunter.

    What that really means is that by making a nominal deposit payment of R 8750.00 to confirm your booking now, before the end of this month, you get a full 25 % discount on the whole hunt!

    Just look at the three payments due if only the 5 listed animals are shot:

    Before 31 October 2009 R 8 750.00 add to this
    Just before start of hunt R 8 750.00 also add
    Due at the end of hunt R 3 312.50 also add
    Total paid for hunt R 20 812.50

    Now compare what you have actually paid, i.e. R 20 812.50 for the basic package with the claim I made that you will get 25 % discount on the full hunt cost given as R 27 750.00:

    Now take the Full cost R 27 750.00 deduct 25 % of this amount
    Deduct 25 % of full amount R 6 937.50
    Remainder is 75 % of full amount R 20 812.50

    This is exactly the same amount as obtained by adding each individual payment,

    My arithmetic works? I do hope this explanation also works!

    If you choose to bring along an additional hunter [only 1 allowed at this discount] and any number of non-hunting observers the full due Daily Rate of Listed Daily Rate less 25 % is payable in cash or by electronic transfer just before the start of the hunt. There is therefore no need to rush the decision if or who you want to bring along: The single deposit of R 8750.00 secures the use of all facilities for you and your company only. No sharing of accommodation facilities at all; The whole bungalow complex reserved for your party, be it a single hunter or a family group!

    Please note that this will be a “Representative Trophy Hunt” with the hunter(s) allowed to shoot additional old females and very young, not even nearly trophy size yet, males at the “Culling Hunt” trophy fees. From any herd or single animals seen you will be allowed to always shoot the biggest trophy. On such a hunt nothing is reserved, you take the biggest that you can get! Trophy expectation is……..? How lucky did you say you are? Springbuck in the area are not known for big trophy horns, but a few [very few] Roland Ward specimens have been taken in the area. Blesbuck trophy expectation is as good as anywhere and steenbuck trophy expectation is very good here.

    I trust that the date slots for the hunts are clear? The packages are offered as a “week away from work” hunts. This means that you can leave home on Saturday to arrive here on a Sunday and start hunting on Monday. You stop hunting at last light on Friday, leave on the Saturday and should be back at your home by Sunday to start working again on Monday. However I will entertain suggestions for extending the period, or other arrival and departure dates and is quite prepared to consider other arrival and departure days that do not clash with existing confirmed bookings.

    The same explanation and similar arithmetic hold for later payments of the booking deposit. Just the % of discount is lower.

    If it takes you a bit longer to decide on booking and you only confirm the booking during November 2009, then a 20 % discount is offered on all costs associated with the hunt.

    I hardly expect anyone to sit and twiddle thumbs on this offer till after 30 November 2009, but then only a 15 % discount will be given. For any booking only confirmed by paying the same R 8750.00 deposit in 2010 only 10 % discount will be given. I really expect that all 4 time periods will be fully taken up by the end of this month!

    As soon as you have indicated that you are ready to confirm the booking I will send you a draft of the Remuneration Agreement [This is just the South African Hunting Regulations’ word for a “Hunt Contract”] in which all details of services, payments and costs, as well as refund policy for hunt cancellation and inability to harvest offered animals are clearly spelled out.

    Please send direct mail message if you need a still better explanation [or if you want to be even more confused?] or if you have any more questions: Just ask!

    Yours truly.

    Andrew McLaren
    Mobile: + 27 654 6474
    Andrew McLaren Safaris - Hunting in South Africa

    A good hunt is worth whatever amount of money you spend on it!

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    Mr McLaren

    Thank you for the clarification. I was being a smart a$$ yesterday, but just out of fun. This does indeed sound like a good deal. Your PM was received as well. Thanks again.
    Macs Burke

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    Hi there Andrew,

    It is now 2011, are the hunts still in operation?

    Will there be a similar deal for late in 2012?

    I am a hunting consultant who will deal with SA Outfitters only(for now) and I would like to know if this offer still stands for 2012 as I will start operating late in 2012.

    Keep in touch

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    Hi Andrew this offer sounds good BUT! your website is confusing if I understand it right if I get lucky and get a really nice trophy I not only have to pay the high inch price for the trophy but the daily rate jumps up to almost 600 US dollars a day for plains game is this right? If so then a plains game hunt for 5 hunting days not including arrival and departure days ?? a trophy Blesbok, Impala and a Springbuck would be in the 4000 to 5000 US dollar range your Trophy fees aren't really that bad but your daily rate is being beat by almost every outfitter in South Africa if I understand your price page right. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Sorry I didn't see that this post was started in 09 the Question is referring to your price page I looked at today.

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