Discounted Hunts Notice

Zimbabwe Dangerous Game Hunts for the end of 2009

There has been a cancellation on a big hunt in Northern Zimbabwe that has left the outfitter with some unsold quota for the year. This block is on Lake Kariba. This area is very good for Dangerous Game (Buffalo, Leopard, Lion, Elephant). The prices listed represent a significant discount over the normal fees.

Dates: These hunts can be taken just about any time from now until about mid December.

12 day Buffalo, Hippo, Croc & Plainsgame $600/day - ($7200 total for 12 days) + trophy fees

14 day Leopard, Hippo, Croc & Plainsgame $600/day - ($8400 total for 14 days) + trophy fees

15 day Buffalo, Tuskless Elephant*, Hippo & Croc $650/day - ($9750 total for 15 days) + trophy fees

18 day Lion, Buffalo, Tuskless Elephant* Hippo & Croc $750/day - ($13,500 total for 18 days) + trophy fees
* Tuskless Elephant is non-exportable.

Full service of PH trackers, drivers and camp staff
all accommodation in safari camp
Meals soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in moderation
Daily Laundry
Field prep of trophies

Not Included
Trophy Fees on game killed or wounded
2% gov levy on day rate
4% gov levy on trophy fees*
Air charters $2300 round trip from Harare
Dip & pack $650/ client
Cites tags $150 each on Crocodile and Leopard

The Parks Department recently enacted a 2% levy on the trophy fees, this is in addition to the 2% charged by the government, for a total of 4% on the trophy fees.

Baboon $55
Buffalo Bull $2,750
Buffalo Cow $1,300
Bushbuck $850
Bushpig $100
Crocodile $4,000
Duiker $200
Eland $1,100
Elephant Cow $3,500
Grysbok $300
Hippo $4,000
Hyena $650
Impala $300
Monkey $75
Bait Impala $150
Jackal $75
Klipspringer $650
Kudu $1,100
Leopard $5,000
Lion $10,000
Sable $4,250
Steenbuck $100
Warthog $450
Waterbuck $1,850
Zebra $1,100
Small Cats $120