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Hunting & Fishing Combo 2014 in Namibia

This is a discussion on Hunting & Fishing Combo 2014 in Namibia within the GREAT DEALS on Hunts Worldwide forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; AH-WARNING Contact me now for your 2014 Hunting & Fishing Combo ( either fresh water or Surf & Turf ( ...

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    Default Hunting & Fishing Combo 2014 in Namibia


    Contact me now for your 2014 Hunting & Fishing Combo ( either fresh water or Surf & Turf ( Beach fishing). 14 days Special for US$ 30 000.00 or €30 000.00

    Including -

    - Choice of 4 different game! (Ie 1x kudu 1 x Oryx 1x Zebra 1 x springbok 1 x Eland 1 x Black Wildebeest 1 x Blue Wilde beest 1 x Impala 1 x warthog) Only 4 animals per person and if 2 people sharing 2 animals per person.

    - Transport and meet & greet To and from Airport, to and from fishing estalishment
    - All accommodation , meals and light drinks
    - All Fishing gear
    - Hunting rifle - and ammo
    . All road Transportation on farm, conservancy, License Fees.( Permits) Liability Insurance. Reasonable quantity Non-alcoholic beverages, Reasonable quantity Beer Full board and lodging & Daily Laundry service, Professional hunter services, Tracking service. Wireless internet,
    Government Tax (15% VAT ).
    Boat for Fresh water fishing
    Fisherman assistance

    Animals that you want to hunt. Add animals you want to hunt. For pricelist click here
    Flight tickets, Trophy exportation to any taxidermist, Trophy exportation to any transportation company, Packing & Shipping costs of trophies, Any tours throughout Namibia, Activity outside of hunting and fishing,
    Transportation to any other hunting farm not owned by me, Accommodation before and after hunting safari period, Taxidermist charges.

    We can offers Kudu, Oryx, Eland, Hartebeest, Springbok, Steenbok, Duiker, Warthog, Blesbok, Giraffe, Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra (Burchells), Zebra (Mountain), Impala, Damara Dik-Dik, Klipspringer, Waterbuck, Leopard, Cheetah and quite a variety of hunt able birds.

    Trophy Pricelist: Euro pricelist available as well

    Eland - $ 1800.00
    Kudu - $ 1000.00
    Red Hartebeest - $850.00
    Gemsbok (Oryx) - $ 850.00
    Warthog - $ 450.00
    Steenbok - $ 300.00
    Springbuck - $ 600.00
    Blesbok - $ 705.00
    Black Wildebeest - $1350.00
    Blue Wildebeest - $ 1200.00
    Burchell's Zebra - $1200.00
    Hartmannç—´ Mountain Zebra - $ 1000.00
    Waterbuck - $ 3000.00
    Impala - $ 800.00
    Giraffe - $ 3000.00
    Honey Badger - $ 780.00
    African Wildcat - $ 300.00
    Damara Dik-Dik - $ 1500.00
    Klipspringer - $ 1200.00
    Cheetah - $ 3000.00

    Leopard - $ 14 000.00 for 14 days package.

    Buy your self an early Christmas present and only use it next year!!! Cant wait to assist you!!!



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    Rudie, please clarify your offer. If you would like to be taken seriously!!

    $30,000 USD or 30,000 Euro.... ($40,500 USD) for the same hunt. What?

    What about the fishing?

    "Only 4 animals per person and if 2 people sharing 2 animals per person." ?
    Practice whispering before you leave for Africa!
    A Legend in my own mind!

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    Hi Rudie,

    Do you have a website or any references for members to look at?

    With respect, hunters need a bit more of the warm and fuzzies before parting with large sums of money for a hunt with nothing to go on other than someone's word.

    For example, I am planning a hunt and will be looking at outfitters who can provide references and have a website so I can see what to expect. I personally wouldn't look twice at someone who can't provide that.
    Best Regards,

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    Rudie is this Offer suppose to be R30,000? Lord I can get all the animals in you offer for about a 3rd the price you have listed for 4.
    Enjoy life now -- it has an expiration date.

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