Two hunters can come on 1 package. Second hunter just pays $160 per day
Non hunter rate. Can shoot additional animals off menu 2x1
if you have group can save additional money on other Non-hunters that would come.


I am leaving Aug.11 th pd. only $1,160.00 RT from Orlando to Johannesburg
(Cheapest airfare in years. Come travel with me!) I just booked ticket last week.

Openings for 2nd 7-10 days in August, 2009
Openings for 3rd 7-10 days in August, 2009

Packages include EVERYTHING except Airfare from USA, Taxidermy and gratuity (if you have the trip of a lifetime as most do). NO HIDDEN COST--- We pick you up and take you back to JNB in our very nice vehicles. Have all gun doc's done before you arrive, or you can use our weapons no charge. All meals, hunting vehicles, government license fees, vat tax (17&#37, preparation of trophies, take them to taxidermist for ship and dip or to do for you, daily laundry service ( Iron jeans, underwear etc.) service of professional hunter, trackers, skinners, ALL beverages, we take more pictures than you can imagine, video when ever possible. 10,000 acres bow hunting only, over 100,000 acres rifle area.

7 day package, 5 animals-- Zebra or Gemsbok, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Warthog, Steenbok or Dieker( can adjust up or down off menu with other animals). * No charge for Baboons or Jackles or monkeys. $4,975

10 Day package 6 animals-- Kudu or Waterbuck, Zebra or Gemsbok, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Warthog, Steenbok or Duiker (Can adjust up or down off regular menu prices for other animals). *No charge for Baboons, Jackals or Monkeys. **(that is 3 more animals in some guys packages) $7,975

This is a great savings off the $450/Day Plus animals rate. See Web sight for more details and pictures of Warthog Safaris camps that they OWN. ::Warthogsafaris:: or look at my pictures at this web sight.

We can take 5 couples or 10 hunters at one time (but only if they come with you) 4 hunters in your group and the whole camp and staff is yours.

Contact me for further information.