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What line of work are you in

This is a discussion on What line of work are you in within the General Chat forums, part of the GENERAL category; I have been in the car wash business for 21 years,USPS straight truck mail contractor for 35 years and West ...

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    swampdonkey is offline AH Member
    Mar 2010

    Member of sci,wild sheep,nra,local shooting club

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    I have been in the car wash business for 21 years,USPS straight truck mail contractor for 35 years and West Wind Courier Service inc since 1984.

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    merlin is offline AH Senior Member
    May 2010

    Member of sci ont hunter&angler

    Hunted canada usa namibia

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    I work as a millwright (maintenance ) in a auto plant in the paint shop, have been there for 25 years.

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    milford is offline AH Veteran
    Sep 2009

    Member of fish and game Sci DU

    Hunted USA Canada south africa

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    I am a jouneyman electrician / millwright and the maintenance manager for a large hardware companys distrabution center for the last 25 years

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    gillettehunter is online now AH Enthusiast
    Sep 2009

    Hunted Namibia, Kyrgyzstan South Africa

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    My wife and I own and run a retail jewelry store. I managed it for 10 years and then bought it 14 years ago. I cut colored gemstones
    to help pay for my hunting and fishing addictions. I'm also a jeweler and gemmologist. Bruce

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    neazor91 is offline New Member
    Nov 2010
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    Retired high school biology teacher. I've been retired since 2000 and loving it. I've only hunted michigan, colorado, and wyoming but, looking forward to africa soon.


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    Aug 2010

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    Hunted Canada, New Zealand

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    I work in the school system with children with disabilities.

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    bashaw is online now AH Senior Member
    Nov 2009

    Member of SCI, NRA,Oregon Hunters Assoc.

    Hunted USA, Zimbabwe, Australia and soon Mozambique

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    I farm, we raise Grass Seed which is our main crop: Ryegrass and Tall Fescue For Forage and Turf, so if you need to plant a lawn or a pasture contact me.We also grow a little Wheat and a crop called Meadowfoam we harvest the seed and then we crush the seed for the oil and the oil is used in cosmetics

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    DUGABOY1's Avatar
    May 2009

    Member of Double Rifle Shooter's Society, Life NAHC, NRA,SCI

    Hunted Us, Canada,Zambia, Zimbabwe, South America

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    I've been retired since Feb 1996 from 31 years with American Airlines. Before that I wore many hats from my first job on my grand father's Texas hill country ranch, to a paper boy in the little town near our ranch, and to heavy equipment Operator on some very large projects in two countries,to 18 months in the US Army,and back to heavy equiptment, till the age of 28 years of age when I went to work for AAL as an aircraft maintenance technician,a skill I got in the Army, and finished with them as a crew chief coordinator at D/FW till I retired.
    "If I die today I have had a life well spent, for I have been to see the elephant, and smelled the smoke of Africa" qt by Damon(mac) McCartney

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    hunting is online now AH Enthusiast
    Aug 2009

    Member of PHASA

    Hunted Sweden, USA, Brazil, Mexico.,

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    I use to be a electrical engineer with the biggest electrical company in Africa for 13 years now i am the owner and one of the guides for the best hunting company in Africa going 18 years.
    Johan Potgieter
    Savanna Hunting Safaris - South Africa

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    Gregf is offline AH Senior Member
    Jan 2011

    Member of SCI, Whitetails Unlimited, DSC

    Hunted South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana


    Hello Team,

    I'm Greg and I run the Global Supply Chain Operations for Federal-Moguls Global Aftermarket Automotive. I'm officed Southfield Michigan USA.
    Happy Hunting!

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    Bert the Turtle is offline AH Veteran
    May 2010
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    I am a physician, anesthesiologist to be exact.

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    Jriley's Avatar
    Jriley is offline AH Senior Member
    Jan 2010

    Member of NWTF, RMEF, SCI, NRA LIfe

    Hunted Namibia, Canada, U.S.A.

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    I am a sixth-grade social studies teacher. I also have done wedding photography for the last 10 years. Wedding photography paid for my first African safari.
    I am starting a hunting consultant business as well. My website will be up in the next few weeks (hopefully).

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    bigred's Avatar
    bigred is offline New Member
    Jun 2011

    Member of NRA Endowment Member, NRA Heritage Foundation Member, NRA Youth Hunter Education Benefactor Member, New Beginners to Waterfowling Board Member, Anglers for Conservation Member

    Hunted USA, RSA, Canada, Alaska

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    Hi, I would be happy to work with all of you when the need arises. I myself am a professional ecologist. I conduct environmental assessments, and advise on environmental and resource permitting/compliance. I am also experienced in matters of wildlife biology, habitats, wetland and soil science, mitigation, and other related issues. I have over 14 years of experience working to help my clients satisfy state and federal regulatory compliance and permitting. I also work as the principle scientist for Florida Waterfowlers, and really enjoy working to improve wildlife habitat on private lands. I can support your efforts to improve your hunting land or perhaps a club you belong to or a lease you and your friends have. Thanks much.

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    Uncompahgre's Avatar
    Uncompahgre is offline AH Member
    Mar 2011

    Member of SCI, NRA, RMEF & CBA

    Hunted Namibia, South Africa, Finland & USA

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    I am the business manager for a drilling company based in western Colorado. We perform rotary and core drilling primarily for mining companies. We have clients in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. In addition to drilling we also plug holes from water wells to oil & gas wells. Our services keep people like bigred in business. Prior to this position I was a commercial banker for 20 years.

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    Red Leg's Avatar
    Red Leg is offline GOLD SUPPORTER
    May 2009

    Member of SCI NRA DSC life memberships

    Hunted Namibia, RSA, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Canada


    Retired from the US Army in 2003 after 29 years, and have been a VP and General Manager in a large defense corporation for the last eight. Let me know if you need to outfit a small or large army!
    "We sleep peaceably in our beds because rough men stand ready in the
    night to visit violence on those who would do us harm" Winston Churchill

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    Code4 is online now AH Enthusiast
    Feb 2009

    Member of SSAA

    Hunted Australia, Zimbabwe, RSA, NZ, UK.

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    Currently a Paramedic. Ex-regular army (armoured recon), security guard, backpacker, transport clerk, court clerk, justice of the peace, university student and aged care provider.
    Time spent in Reconnaisance is never wasted.

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    timbear is offline AH Enthusiast
    Mar 2011

    Member of SSAA, NZDA

    Hunted Germany, NZ, Australia

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    GP in NSW, Australia. If you get sick on an Australia hunt, let me know (ditto if you want to hunt deer. They seriously need culling in some places. Went out last week, saw 26 reds and 14 fallow between 6.00 and 9.00am. 2 of the latter now inhabit my freezer). Way back I was an officer in the Light Infantry (Jaeger) in the German Bundeswehr.
    Overkill is underestimated!

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    andriesdeklerk's Avatar
    andriesdeklerk is offline AH Veteran
    Aug 2010

    Hunted Nam, Zim, Mos, Oz and RSA


    I am a winemaker in the Western Cape South Africa. Anybody want to import wine? My leave days I spend with clients on our Game farm in the Freestate.

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    jsmcgregor is offline AH Member
    Jul 2011

    Member of SCI

    Hunted Africa/Canada/United States

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    I retired from the US Navy in 2002 and now a Program Manager building Aircraft Carriers. Let me know if you need some big guns for your next warthog hunt.

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    bdmd5093 is offline AH Member
    Jun 2011
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    I am a physician, specifically a "family doctor," board certified in Family Medicine. After 5 grueling years in private practice being on call every other night and working every other Saturday and Sunday, where I made alot of money but had no time to enjoy it (or my family), I sold out of my practice and became the medical director for a state university student medical center in my hometown in southeast Georgia. I see 20 patients a day and supervise a staff of 65 medical professionals, including another physician, 5 nurse practitioners, and a physician assistant. We have a student population of over 20,000 and see around 130-140 patients a day, so as I like to tell people "I am busier than I used to be between the hours of 8 and 5, but after that my time is MINE!" No call, no weekend work= more time to hunt and spend with friends and family. I work occasionally at an urgent care center, and even cover for my old partner sometimes in my old private practice, to keep my other skills sharp. I also volunteer once to twice a month at a local indigent care "free" clinic. Had I not made this change, I would have be 60 or older before I could make a trip to Africa--if ever.

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