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375 Ruger Case Length Trimmer

This is a discussion on 375 Ruger Case Length Trimmer within the Free Classifieds forums, part of the GENERAL category; I am in need of a Lee 375 Ruger Case length trimmer found here, Lee Case Length Gage Shellholder 375 ...

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    Default 375 Ruger Case Length Trimmer

    I am in need of a Lee 375 Ruger Case length trimmer found here, Lee Case Length Gage Shellholder 375 Ruger

    The product is not available here in South Africa..maybe somebody could buy it for me and post it for my account?


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    I would suggest that you PM the following three fine gentlemen - James Grage, Greyfox or 35bore. They are all members here. Perhaps one of them will assist you. Use my name as a reference.

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    If someone else does not jump on it let me know.

    Let me know ALL the parts and part numbers you require.

    I am heading over in a month if you can wait. Could post from inside RSA.

    Let me know.
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    I will be arriving in Jo'burg early Monday the 27th. I'd be happy to meet you there with this IF there's no issue in regards to it being illegal. I can't imagine that being the case for this item, but can anyone confirm or tell me where I can find out.
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