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Jigging in Angola

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    Default Jigging in Angola


    What a day.

    Was up at 04:early this morning after spending yesterday on the sea hunting Bill Fish.

    I met Fernando (FEDU) just after 05:20 at Club Nautico and we got our things ready for what turned out to be an eventful day... For me anyway.

    Fedu wanted to try popping for Cubera Snapper at a couple of his secret spots. So just after getting light enough to see we were out of the port on full blast running for a spot more than 30 miles north of Luanda.

    Luckily the sea was not to bad and we got to the location ready for action. Drifting over the sunken boat we could see fish on the fish finder. We position the boat up current to enable us to drift over the spot. While drifting we were casting poppers trying to get the snapper to come and visit. After maybe 30 minutes of no action Fedu decided to move to another location, as the sea was not very ruff we could try another spot. But he had to stay at the controls as the water was quite shallow with a lot of rock around.

    Again casting poppers could not instigate a strike so we decided to move off shore to another secret spot for some jigging...

    So off we went for another hour running hard on the copy water. We finally arrive and Fedu asked if I want to try the spinning rod or the overhead rod.

    Deciding that I want to see what my Shimano Stradic 8000 loaded with 50 lbs Saltiga braid can do I put it on Shimano Jigwrex rod.

    I chose a neon orange jig and Fedu a pink jig.

    And down they went.

    On the 1st drift Fedu was on to a small Amber Jack...

    So we decided there must be some truth in the rumour Nepps is telling every one about this jigging thing.... :spite

    So Fedu was busy explaining to me how he jigs and work the jigs. We move again up current and down the jigs went.

    Fedu was standing next to me jigging making sure I am doing things as I should in 95 meter deep water when I get a hit.....


    At 1st I thought it was also a small one but then some thing deep down there decided they do not like this thing in the mouth and started fighting.....

    All of a sudden the spray is flying of the Shimano Stradic 8000 it looked like smoke was coming out.....

    Man this Jigwrex rod does a beauty of a bend....

    Fedu decides its time to take photos and watch while I am working.... I mean fighting the fish...

    I dont know how long the fight was but this fish kept on fighting till the end...

    My 1st fish on jigg!!!!!!

    I am dripping wet with sweat fighting the fish in 35 Celsius heat with no wind blowing but man its fun...

    Fedu moves us over the spot again and down the jiggs went.

    And ON!!!!!

    Fedu is fighting a small fish... aaahhh no there she goes!!!

    The Shimano Sustain 8000 on the Shimano Blue Rose is a great combinantion.....

    They say a photo tells a 1000 words....

    So after all Fedu's hard work we went back to the spot and I send down the jig and it was not very long when that neon orange jig got smashed....

    As Fedu predicted the bite slowed down just after 11:00 so I decided to put my Shimano Trinidat loaded with 30lbs Tuff line on one of these Jigstar rods I have been hearing so much about.

    On goes the neon orange jig on position down they went and we just hit bottom and started working the jigs when 1st Fedu on starboard and then me on port side were hit but nice fish.

    Unfortunatley the fish swam across the lines and before we could get the knitting sorted Fedu's braid parted.

    Now it was me working the Jigstar and the fish and I am very happy to say that the Trini 14 and the Jigstar stood up to the challenge.

    What can I say....

    My 1st jigging experience and I am scarred for live
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    What a day! Thanks for for the great pictures and the play-by-play, I can almost smell the sea air, imagine the sweltering heat and feel the sunburn... wish I was there!

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    X2...............looks like you guys had a great day!!

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    Very nice I hope we will be able to show off some pictures as well from the trip to Mozambique in a couple of weeks time.
    Frederik Cocquyt, Outfitter and Professional Hunter
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    Once again an awesome fishing post Gerhard! I look forward to your posts, keep up the good... work? or should I say keep up the good fun?

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