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Secondary PG Caliber

This is a discussion on Secondary PG Caliber within the Firearms & Ammunition forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Originally Posted by enysse Love the 7mm Rem Mag....anything in the 30 cal is good. They have so many bullet ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by enysse View Post
    Love the 7mm Rem Mag....anything in the 30 cal is good. They have so many bullet comibinations that work great.
    Agree with Eric,
    If you want a good in between rifle the 7mm rem is hard to beat. A little less common the 7mm-08. Just some food for thought. The last 7x57 I saw for sale was on, and trust me I frequent gun/pawn shops, they are hard to come by, should have picked up the one you let slip away.
    Good luck on you venture, I hope you find another 7x57, but if not, there have been a lot of great suggestions for a second caliber. I can't resist,,,,,, Take a look at the 35Whelen.....
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    Any 7MM or 300 magnum works very well. You could always stick to basics and go with a 30-06 which kills everything from mice to moose. My favorite is the 300 Weatherby and in the past Winchester has chambered for it.

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    If I was a sensible person and had a 375 H&H I would pair it with a 30-06 of the same make of rifle. But I like to try the new stuff. So I paired my 375 ruger alaskan with a 300 ruger compact mag. I guess if I lose my ammo I will just use a rifle from my ph. I have been hearing that the 375 ruger ammo is now available in South Africa and at least one dealer in Namibia. I also have a 7x57 in a winchester model 70 and a 270 in a remington 700 classic. These guns were made in the 80's and may sell them. I would like to sell a few before I get senile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frog stealer View Post
    Ok, as a follow up to my "Caliber Pairing Help" post, the 7x57 I was drooling over was sold a few weeks before I finally decided to purchase it. While out shooting my 375 off sticks at a paper plate, I realized that I really love my M70, and would like another as my secondary rifle. Looking at Winchester's catalog, one of the caliber options is a .264 win mag. What do you guys think of this caliber for Kudu and Impala? Too small? I believe 6.5mm is the smallest caliber allowed by my PH (Marius at KMG).
    I've paired my M70 in .375H&H with a M70 Super Grade in .300 Win Mag. The latter is so well balanced and the proper weight that recoil is hardly noticed. I plan to take Eland with the .375, but will do so with the .300WM if need be.
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    You guys hit the nail on the head. I'd like to match my Win 375 to another Win of a smaller caliber. Phoenix Phil, sounds like we think alike when it comes to eland caliber! I've heard they can and have been taken with much smaller calibers, but for the high trophy fees, I guess I would like some extra insurance.

    Iwaters, PM coming your way soon!

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    If I were in your position, I would look at a 300 Win Mag, 30-06, and even the 7mm-08. I have listed them in my order of preference. The 300 WM will cover any major game species in the US with the exception of the large bears, but your 375 covers those species.

    From an African traditional standpoint, pair up the 375 H&H with a 300 H&H. The 300 H&H is more than capable in the US.

    On my last trip over, I took a 300 WM and 7mm-08. The only time the 7-08 came out of the gun case was at the range the first afternoon to check zero. All animals from duiker up were taken with the 300.

    Good luck with your decision.

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    You will never regret choosing a 264 Win. I've shot one for most of the past 40 years and have never had it let me down. My old Winchester has taken elk, mule deer, kudu, numerous duikers, vaal rhebok, aoudad, antelope, and lots more. I won't argue with the folks that recommended the 300 WM either but I'm very partial to the 264. My favorite bullet used to be the 125 gr Nos Partition but for the past several years, I've been shooting the 130 Acubond. Get a 264 and don't look back.

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