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Bullet/Rifle good enough?

This is a discussion on Bullet/Rifle good enough? within the Firearms & Ammunition forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; I've made two trips to South Africa, shot 15 animals, 12 different species, all but two were taken with 30.06 ...

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    I've made two trips to South Africa, shot 15 animals, 12 different species, all but two were taken with 30.06 including blue wildebeest, black wildebeest and kudu. I lost one blue wildebeest due to no pass through of the bullet and thus no blood trail. It was a frontal shot I think was through one lung, didn't break the shoulder but we'll never know. That lost animal was $950. That is one good reason to shoot them through the shoulder to anchor them, don't worry about the meat. The bullets were all South Africa factory loads, 180 gr. The shooting was mostly 100-160 yards but there were three animals that were shot at 180+, 200, and 300 yards, all smaller antelope. Be knowledgable of the ballistics at 300 yards, you shouldn't be shooting further than that.

    My limited experience in hunting plains game is some of what others have said. Practice, practice, practice off of the sticks. I used photographic targets of plains game (you can get them from Safari Press) and practiced shooting at the desired spot on the animal. Seeing plains game in the scope was odd for me at the start. The first time I looked through my scope at a kudu it was like I was in a dream.

    I also used the targets for dry firing in my shop. One of the keys to shooting plains game, from my experience, is not shooting too high. No higher than 1/3 up from the belly line, right in the shoulder will save the animal suffering, or you having to waste time tracking it, and money if you don't find it.

    Your list of desired animals is great, you are going to have a life changing experience and loads of fun. I'm going to bet that the animal most difficult for you to take will be the warthog, at least is has been for me. I've yet to score on my warthog boar, came about a half of a second from planting one on the last trip but he took off running. One more suggestion, if your PH sees an animal not on your list and says "That is a really good (whatever), you need to take it." give that serious consideration. I didn't and missed out on a couple of beautiful trophies I wish I had now.

    You didn't say (or I missed it) where and when you're going. Keep posting your plans, ask questions, and be darn sure to post a report (WITH PHOTOS) when you get home.

    Stay downwind and shoot straight.

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    We will have 10 full days of hunting May 1-10 2013 About an hour+ north west of Port Elizbeth with ILIWA Safaris.
    We are looking forward to being and hunting South Africa. Also plan to spend a couple days, before they pick us up in PE, doing some sightseeing in Cape Town.

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    If you haven't already, I would strongly urge using atravel agency which specializes in hunters. Getting through J'burg customs and gun registration can be a pain (I genuinely hate transitting Johannesburg - such a contrast to Windhoek, Namibia), and I was very glad that I used the "meet and greet" service offered by Gracey Travel out of San Antonio. You will also need to arrange for your internal travel and weapons while playing tourist in Capetown. I highly recommend Gracey, and there are several others.

    Ten days is a good length for such a hunt. Never understood going to all that trouble and expense for a seven day hunt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Divernhunter View Post
    Here I shoot for the shoulder or just behind. I would rather anchor them than chase them. Heck some of the places I have hunted you had better anchor them and close to you or someone else will be putting their tag on it when you get to the animal. This is no joke it happened to me. I just made sure the tag was his and completely filled out so the "hunter" would not be able to be out in the woods the rest of the season.
    I want to use the 6.5X55 because it is light but mostly I have not had a chance to take any game with it. All the other rifles have taken game already.
    I have Trigger Sticks bipod and tripod. Had planned to take the tripod version with me.
    You can use your 6.5x55 on all the animals on your wish list with full confidence.
    Just put the bullet in the right place and you can be ready for some photos of you and the animal

    I think the 130 grain Swift Scirocco II is plenty for those animals. The 120 grain A-frame bullet will also be good, but I know others would advice you to use the 140 grain Swift A-frame.
    All are great bullets

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