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Remington Core Lokt?

This is a discussion on Remington Core Lokt? within the Firearms & Ammunition forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Hello All, Wanted to get some feedback on the Remington Core Lokt buller in pointed soft point. Personally, I went ...

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    Default Remington Core Lokt?

    Hello All,

    Wanted to get some feedback on the Remington Core Lokt buller in pointed soft point. Personally, I went to South Africa in August of 2008 and it did very well with me shooting a Remington 700 rifle chambered in 270 Win. I shot a Kudu, Eland, 2 Zebra, an Impala, Warthog, and a Gemsbuck. We did not have shots over 100 yards and no animal went over 50 yards. Meaning, there was no tracking of the animals. Now, I know there's going to be the "shot placement" comments and the like, but specifically I am wanting to hear the good and bad from people who have used this bullet in South Africa on plainsgame.

    My question is this: This bullet seems so popular in the Southeast where I live, why doesn't it get any love on this message forum.

    I am going back in April 2012 with a 300 Win Mag but everyone seems to recommend a bullet other than the Remington Core Lokt. What gives?
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    There is nothing wrong with the Core Lokt. 90 percent of the time it will kill everything with ease. The only problem is if you took a sharp quartering to shot on a big kudu or eland and hit that front leg, the bullet could deflect some and you would have a wounded animal on your hand. If you pick your shots, it's a great bullet. I for one won't take that quartering to shot anymore. There are better choices. I was using a similiar bullet on a waterbuck, 2 years ago and it deflected off the front leg. I also had a problem with a blue wildebeest, it shattered the front shoulder and did enough damage to the lungs...but it didn't even go half way through. And that was with a 300 Win Mag 200 grain Premier Boattail from Remington. Both were quartering too shots....won't do it again unless I had Barnes TSX or TTSX or similiar.

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    I have use them in my 338 win mag with great success.

    MY PH had a problem with the 225 & 250 gr bullets as they did not leave an exit hole.

    On small, wart hog, impala, bushbuck and blesbuck the bullet went through and the animal stayed where it was shot.

    On Nyala, Nyasa -land wildebeest, Red & Lichtenstein hartebeest, black wildebeest, zebra, bullets were some times winking at you on the far side. We had to only track one wildebeest and it was hit at about 350 yds and went about 1/4 mile before we finished him off.

    We have never lost an animal with the core-lock bullets, however the PH"S wanted a bullet that would punch holes on both sided.

    Next year i will again have Core-lock bullets for my 338 win mag however i will be taking my 375 with some hornady 300 gr soft and solids for giraffe and eland plus the small critters who we want to have a hole in and out.
    James Grage - New Mexico
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    No exit hole! That is something I also experienced in 2008 that I did not include in the original post of the thread. I figured the 270 caliber and the size of the animals had a lot to do with it. I guess that opens up the can of worms about the bullet passing thru vs leaving all the energy in the animal. Just looking for the comments on the core lokt bullets here please.

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    I have not used core lokts on African game, but I have used it in 140gr 7x57 frequently on whitetail deer. It has performed exceptionally well, in fact it is my cartridge of choice for whitetails. I have no doubt that it would perform equally well on whitetail sized African game. I imagine that it would work well on larger game in appropriately sized calibers.

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    Advocate of the Core Lokt. I love them and use them with great success in a variety of calibers. I would rather have the animal I am shooting absorb every ounce of energy that the bullet has to offer, regardless of range/distance. My opinion may not be shared by all, oh well, they work for me.

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    Inexpensive, accurate and have used core lokts (CL) on everything here. Elk, Moose, Bison, Deer.
    Love them.
    Why I loaded Barnes TTSX for Africa:
    Reduced Deflection and
    Increased penetration and
    it was suggested to have premium bullets by someone in the know.

    My experience:
    Issues: The CL's open on a blade of grass and deflect easily on twigs etc. Barnes TTSX did not.
    I could do shots with the TTSX that we would never do at home. Brush, etc.

    If you have a clear shot, nothing wrong with CL's.
    Practice whispering before you leave for Africa!
    A Legend in my own mind!

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    I have never used core/lokt bullets in Africa although i did take some along. I have used them exclusevely in the U.S. having taken Elk, White Tail Deer, fallow Deer, & Black Hawaiian Sheep. Performed well& all exited except the Elk which was lodged under the skin on the opposite shoulder. i have no doubt they would perform well in Africa!

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    I know I've never been to Africa but I can only praise the Core-lokt. I manage deer in England and think they are awesome, never had any problems and have found them very accurate as I neck shoot most deer if I can. JMHO.

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    I have used the for deer, bear and elk here in the States. Used them for boar and red stag in South America. Used them for plains game in Africa. Never had any kind of problems with them at all. I wouldn't use them for dangerous game but for everything else they are fine. Might add I have used them in a 270, 25-06, 308, 300wm, 375 H&H.

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