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Rifle for First time Owner

This is a discussion on Rifle for First time Owner within the Firearms & Ammunition forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Hi Guys, I am a bowhunter but want to buy a rifle for backup. I mainly hunt plainsgame Please advise ...

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    Default Rifle for First time Owner

    Hi Guys,

    I am a bowhunter but want to buy a rifle for backup.

    I mainly hunt plainsgame

    Please advise me


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    Jul 2009

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    Hi Dox

    I would suggest you get yourself a nice all round calibre like a 30-06.

    Best Regards
    Louis van Bergen
    Louis Van Bergen
    Spiral Horn Safaris - South Africa
    Cell:+ 27 76 577 6292

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    I agree a good 30-06 in 180 grain bullets will take any plains game in Africa. Ammo is widely available and fairly cheap compared to other calibers....and there are other grain combinations the 30-06 can shoot.

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    I'll echo what enysse and Louis have said - go with the .30-06. It's got enough horsepower, you can get a wide range of bullet types and weigths anywhere and it's pleasant to shoot.

    Also, plan to invest in a good quality 'scope.

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    Seeing how your more of an archery guy, you are probably not wanting to spend big dollars on the rifle. IMO, the best rifle for the money out there is the Tikka T3 Lite series. Very accurate, very reliable and lightweight for carrying. It is not a thing of beauty, but that's why it's less expensive. Put a Leupold VX3 on 3.5-10 top and you'll have a very reliable and accurate rifle for about $1000. If you want to spend a bit less, then perhaps a Nikon scope.

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    I love my T3 lite in 7mm rem mag kicks like a mule but it will pound nails, best money for you buck
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    The only back up gun I have ever wanted while bowhunting was a shotgun. I have been close to a bunch of Mambas, adders, etc. In the blind, in the tree and while tracking. Gawd I really dont like snakes.

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    Buy a Mauser M03/ or a Blaser R8 or R93 in a 308/or 30-06 then you can add a barrel or change caliber at a later date.


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    i have purchased the tikka t-3 light in 300wsm. it is a great calibre. i also own 30-06 amd 308 and several others. the 300wsm has a little more jam and thats why i would recommend it. i hunt moose in canada and plains game in africa and it performs well.

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    I'll throw in another vote for the Tikka T3. I have one in .270 topped with a zeiss and have taken whitetails, mulies, moose and elk with it with nothing going more than 10 yards. It's a tough little rifle for a good price and don't be fooled by people saying the plastic clip is "no good". Saskatchewan gets very cold and up to +40 in the summer and I've never had a problem with the clip. I also have a Sako in .300 win mag and would use the T3 over it anyday(not because of recoil).

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    If this is a carry a lot, shoot rarely, backup on your bow hunts, I would suggest a Remington model 7 in 308. It is light, compact and is pretty much as good as a 30-06 (It pains me to say that because I love the 30-06 for plains game). If you want to limit your cost go for a savage, I don't have personal experience with them but many people claim that they are the most accurate out of the box rifle you can get, and they are cheap. If you want a little less thump, go for a 7mm 08. While they are a little small for the larger plains game, just about everything has been taken with one.

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    I would stick to the 30-06 for the following reasons:
    1. Variety of loads - if you reload you can load anything from a 130 grain for varmint hunting up to 220 grain for bigger animals in bushveld conditions.
    2. Availability of factory ammuniton- you could walk into any firearm store in South Africa and buy factory ammo off the shelf.
    3. The 7mm-08 is not popoular in South Africa and factory loaded ammo is not easy to come by. ( .270 and 25-06 is more readily available ).

    My 2 cents worth.

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    Tikka T3 I have 3 tikkas they all shoot very well. will not go wrong with 30-06 cal.

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