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Bullet 9,3x62

This is a discussion on Bullet 9,3x62 within the Firearms & Ammunition forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; I have a custom 9.3x62 built by Somarriba on a prewar Persian Model 98 action. A superb rifle and a ...

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    Sep 2011

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    Hunted South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Argentina, United States

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    I have a custom 9.3x62 built by Somarriba on a prewar Persian Model 98 action. A superb rifle and a superb cartridge.

    Norma loads a 250 grain Swift A-Frame at a listed velocity of 2625 fps. That should be a great load for any PG and the big cats.

    The only fly in the ointment for the 9.3x62 is that it does NOT make the minimum legally required muzzle energy (with any factory load) for Buff or Elephant in Zim, despite what some have written. It is, however, perfectly legal for anything else in Zim, including lion.

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    Dec 2009
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    I have not shot either of those animals, but I have hunted Sambar Deer for 40 odd years. They are a big strong deer that can weigh up around 600 lbs. In the 9.3x62 very good bullets are, 250gr TSX, 250gr Accubond, 250gr Woodleigh, 250gr A-Frame, 250gr North Fork. 286gr Partition. Any one of these is a good choice for big deer as well as Red, Fallow & Wild Pig, Feral Donkey, Brumby & Camel. The TSX, A-Frame & North Fork are quite adequate for Asiatic Water Buffalo, Banteng and Wild Cattle. I would think that they should be perfectly adequate for any antelope. The good thing with the 9.3x62 is that almost every bullet works well in it on almost anything. Lately it has been my allrounder, even pulling off 300yd shots on Wild Dog. I would hunt the world with my CZ550 9.3x62 with the Zeiss Victory Diavari 1.5-6 x42 in Warne mounts.

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    May 2011
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    I would go with the 250 gr TSX. It shoots flatter than the 286 gr and the penetration is great. Good luck.

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    I have owned a 9.3 x 62 since I was very young and have hunted many animals with it. I have had many of my clients over the years also use it and shoot many trophy animals. I shoot a 250 grain Barnes X and have found this to be very effective with great penetration.
    Trevor Lake
    Lakes Safaris - South Africa

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    Jul 2009

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    I hunt with my Blaser R-93 in 9.3x62 for years always using Nosler Partition 286grs (handloads). Performance on red deer and boars was beyond my expectations and even compared with beloved 8x68. I took 15 animals or so (150 300 lbs) with single shots with certain exit wounds.
    Just one month ago I took huge eland, greater kudu, oryx and warthog with great success. Bullets didn稚 penetrate only through eland (1600 lbs) and left just under the skin from the opposite side (pls have in mind that it was diagonal/quartering away shot)
    Interesting thing is that bullets I took out from eland were perfectly mushroomed and looks exactly the same as bullets I used in water test (btw, those bullets penetrated through 36 of water!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsok View Post
    Finally I have found Barnes TSX in Spain for my 9,3x62. The cartridge is SAKO Powerhead and the bullet is Barnes TSX I have two boxes in 250 grs that will try this week end. No options for 286 grs, neather Swift A Frame nor Barnes TSX antil september when Norma will comercialize Swift A Frame 286 grs. I mean here in Spain
    Sako makes excellent ammo.
    If it goes well in your gun, there is no need for you to look for something else.
    The Sako Powerhead with the Barnes TSX bullet will do a great job for you.

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    Sep 2013
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    I agree with Beau416 and a perfect combination of gun/optic you have !!!!

    bullets in order of trust:

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    I use Norma Oryx 285gr - works great
    Henk van der Walt
    .17 CZ Slavia; .22 Obendorf Mauser; 6.5x55 CZ 550 lux; .303 BSA 1908; 9.3x62 Sabatti Rover 870; 9mm Para CZ 75

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    Don't forget RWS UNI : ex TUG , not so bad..
    RWS | Rottweil: RWS centerfire rifle cartridges

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