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What is the worst rifle you have ever owned?

This is a discussion on What is the worst rifle you have ever owned? within the Firearms & Ammunition forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; The worst gun I ever owned was a Model 110 Savage 30-06. Kicked like a brown mule! Viscious, sold it, ...

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    The worst gun I ever owned was a Model 110 Savage 30-06. Kicked like a brown mule! Viscious, sold it, but took years to get over the flinch. POS Brian

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    Worst firearm was an SKS made in China that I picked up at a Texas gunshow. Was so poorly made, that upon closer examination I decided it was unsafe to fire. Took it back to the dealer and traded for a Browning BPS shotgun that is still a favorite after 18 years and never an issue with it.

    Current worst firearm is a Hi-Point carbine in 9mm. It's louder than you would think because of the gas leak in the loose chamber and the fact it is a blowback design. It took some work to get it to shoot a 1.5" group at 50 yards. Bore looked like 10 miles of rough Montana gravel road, so I expended some time on it with JB bore paste. It kicks far harder than you would think being only 9mm, but my CZ 527 rifles in .223 Rem and .204 Ruger are far more pleasant to shoot in spite of the fact they pack at least 3X the muzzle energy. My Colt AR-15 is more pleasant to shoot as well, and besides being much more accurate, costs very little more to shoot.

    I must have been on medication when I bought this last POS. The Hi-Point carbine is currently for sale for $200 with 2 mags, and it's one saving grace is that it feeds very reliably with hot 9mm defense ammo. Would make a good home defense firearm where close range work demands reliability over accuracy. An absolute sick pup in a hunting scenario except maybe for small deer in very thick brush at close range. For that it would work. Also for bobcat hunting in thick cover down south where you want very short range for safety reasons. A southern whitetail poacher wanting a throwdown carbine would probably love it, except they would like a .22 WMR semi-auto even better, or maybe a MAK 90. Does not fit Montana rural conditions. It also "looks mean" which will scare criminals ignorant of firearms away without firing a shot. I'm sticking with my CZ 75 for a 9mm self defense firearm, as it also never fails to feed and fire and is much more compact.

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    Worst gun ever was a Remington Titanuim in .270 win. The best I could get from it was 4" groups at 100yds. I ended up trading it for a Sako M99 in .338 Lapua, I love that gun, I put a $65 (including installation) Pachmeyer decellerator pad on and it tamed the recoil quite substantially and it is a tack driver. The other guy and his gunsmith buddy tinkered with that .270 incessantly and could not get less than 1 1/2" groups no matter how much time or money they spent on it. He was still quite happy with the deal though because the .338 was more recoil than he could handle.
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    Angry The Absolute Worse Rifle I have Ever owned!

    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Snyder View Post
    What is the worst rifle you have ever owned? By that I mean a rifle that is full of issues, shoots patterns, etc. OK, I am going to post mine.

    The worst rifle I have ever owned was a Marlin 336 CS in .35 Rem. It was a nice rifle and it had a williams peep sight. So me & my dad took it to the range and it consistently shot 5-7 inch groups at 50 yards with Remington 200 grain core-lokts. My dad looked it over and couldn't really find anything wrong with it exept that 2 screws on the cartridge tube were way to tight (which can affect accurace with lever guns). So he fixed that problem and it still shot 5-7 inch groups at 50 yards. So we sold it to a guy. We told the guy what was wrong with it but he still gave us 325 $.

    So, what rifle was the worst you ever owned?
    This is an easy question! I had a 500/465 H&H Dominion grade that was a really piece of crap! This rifle was cased in it's original leather cased and was very nice to look at. The bores were excellent as was the outward appearance of the rifle. No matter what I tried, it would never group better than 6 to 7 inches between right and left barrels! I tried everything imaginable in reloading the rounds and it would NEVER group better than I mentioned above! When I say, 6 to 7 inches, I was shooting at a range of 50 yards! This "beauty" also had the habit of discharging both barrels at the same time, if you fired the right barrel first! What fun!! I sent to gun off to two different people to have these problems corrected, spent good money and it never performed! I eventually sold it and vowed never to own another Holland as long as I lived! I have a 470 Rigby that will shoot right and left barrels touching at 50 yards and a 476 Westley Richards that will shoot just as well. No more Holland's for me! I think they are terribly over rated and over priced!

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