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22 LR Ammo

This is a discussion on 22 LR Ammo within the Firearms & Ammunition forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Why would someone start a thread about 22LR on a site dedicated to hunting in Africa? It is definately not ...

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    Default 22 LR Ammo

    Why would someone start a thread about 22LR on a site dedicated to hunting in Africa? It is definately not becasue I would use it on my next safari, but I thought this would be interesting because most of us started shooting the 22LR as our first hunting rifle before moving up the the 458 Lott and bigger.
    Anyway, a few days ago someone listed (sorry i don't remember who) as a good web site to get additional information from. They were correct, there are a lot of good articles on shooting and how to shoot better. Well, anyway I across this article today:

    Why Can?t I Find .22 LR Ammunition? Sierra VP Speaks Out ォ Daily Bulletin

    So here are the questions:
    Is the shortages coming to an end for 22LR anytime soon?
    What about the powder shorages for reloading?
    Are others seeing the same problems in other countries? (shortages, higher prices, hoarder)

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    I know that my stash of 22 LR has gone down by about three thousand in the past year, and not from shooting!

    Friends and co-workers have been kept shooting despite the lack of retail availability. This is one of the reasons for my stash (which I have maintained at least for the last 10 years, not a recent hoarding phenomenon).

    I personally will not resume shooting my usual 2,000 rounds per year until I feel certain that availability is back to more or less normal.

    Powder is still very tight in the places I normally check. I have quite a bit...but no Reloader 22 or 25, of which I would buy 8 pounds of each, given the chance!

    I do not think this is near over.


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