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Chapuis Double Rifle

This is a discussion on Chapuis Double Rifle within the Double Rifles forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Have a question for you guys that have bought used double rifles: There is a used Chapius double in 9.3x74R ...

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    Default Chapuis Double Rifle

    Have a question for you guys that have bought used double rifles: There is a used Chapius double in 9.3x74R for sale @ G.I. . I contacted the seller in North Carolina but he doesn't have pictures of regulation targets. Would it be safe to buy a double like that?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Unless he could provide pics, I think i would pass. Don't know the pricetag, but, unless it's a hellofadeal, pass. The things I have read about Chapius rifles are about 60-40, more good than not. Just have the guy go out and shoot it, take a picture of the target, and then send the pic to you. At least then you will know if the level of accuracy is within your comfort range.

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    Chapuis are fine rifles, however, I would always shoot a double rifle before buying it.

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    I have fired a couple, both shot well. However, I have to agree with Nyati that I would want to test fire the gun myself. Buying a double based on an photo of a target seems risky.

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    Sometime the best deals on doubles are on the GI site. It would be tough to test fire a gun sold on this venue unless local. If the you find what you want and the price is right I would purchase the gun with the stipulation of a trial period. I have purchased three doubles. Two were from fellow forum members and one from an auction website. I feel that only on the auction site did I take a chance. All three worked out very well. GI is not an auction venue, so I would negotiate the terms prior to purchase.
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    If you cant shoot it send it to a 3rd party for inspection and firing it will cost you a couple $$ usually around $200 but save you a headache later on. JJ at Champlains is good for that.

    On a lighter note, all the Chapuis I have shot shot better than adv. 2 470 and 3 9.3x74 all shot better than min of orange at 50 M.


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