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Merkel 141 vs Chapuis UGEX? HELP PLEASE!

This is a discussion on Merkel 141 vs Chapuis UGEX? HELP PLEASE! within the Double Rifles forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Hi all...first post! Anyone feel the Merkel 141 double rifle is worth the additional price over a Chapuis UGEX? How ...

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    Default Merkel 141 vs Chapuis UGEX? HELP PLEASE!

    Hi all...first post!

    Anyone feel the Merkel 141 double rifle is worth the additional price over a Chapuis UGEX? How do these compare in quality, accuracy, ect?

    Also, this would be for 30-06 or 9.3x74R. I'm leaning toward 30-06 due to ammo availability in my state of California which has a ban on mail order ammo coming to fruition in 2011 (which hopefully gets repealed, but hwo knows).


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    Personally I see no need for a 30-06 in a double, it really serves no purpose in that caliber..The 9.3x74 is a minimal DG caliber at best.

    But to answer your question, I would opt for a Merkel over a Chapuis. I am not a fan of the Chapuis doubles, but thats argueable in some corners.

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    Sabatti for shure, if you are interested in medium calibers. A modest opinion: forget the 30/06, and if you do not want a 9,3 (very good, but not that easy to manage and shoot), get it in 8x57Jrs, or in 30R Blaser.
    With the money you save, you can shift to a Super Luxus Sabatti, or get a pair of 20 mag barrels for training and birdshooting.

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    The Chapuis and Merkel are about the same quality of gun and would suggest you look at both and decide which fits better. The Chapuis has a longer length of pull and will weigh about 1/2-3/4 pd more, the barrels on the Chapuis will also be almost 2" longer, and in the case of the 9.3 the Chapuis will be regulated with the heavy bullet and the Merkel with the light bullet.
    Generally the Chapuis has better quality wood as well as better fit and finish of the wood.
    IMO, Both the Merkel and Chapuis are much higher quality gun than the Sabbatti
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    I got a Chapuis, very happy with than gun in 375 H&H, is not a caliber for that kind of guns, better if you choose a 30 R blaser or 9,3 x74 R, 8x57Rjs, 7x65R, or 375 Flanget, but is the same as a 9,3x74 and you will find easy rounds in your gunstore.
    I just get a new express, Laurona Askari in 9,3x74R, from a friend. I went to the shooting range las sunday, perfect shooting with 285 grs. confortable recoil.
    I prefer a Chapuis than a Merkel, automatic aperture, modern sistem, library sigts easy to amy the target, and more beauty woods.
    Also for the kind of caliber you want, you will find more mounts for scope in Chapuis, at least in Spain.
    Sorry about my english, I must study more.
    All the best,

    Juan Carlos Aranda

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