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Side by side or over under double rifle?

This is a discussion on Side by side or over under double rifle? within the Double Rifles forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; What if any difference is there between a side by side and a over under double rifle? I've noticed a ...

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    Default Side by side or over under double rifle?

    What if any difference is there between a side by side and a over under double rifle? I've noticed a lot of times a over under is cheaper than a side by side is that due too regulating differences thanks for all replies

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    One big difference in the over under has to open farther for loading than the side by side.

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    Johnny I am a O/U fan probably because they are not as common as side by side doubles,...

    I recently picked mine up at a steal for $8K (considering the coin finish, and engraving as well as the gunsmith) a deal that will never be repeated, and just had to jump on it...

    As far as opening further it probably does,. but if you are an accomplished shot with a double it should not make a difference.

    I do have the 500 sabatti side by side as well and love it, but have to admit, the over under lies and holds better (maybe due to the larger fore grip it has) Just IMO.

    As far as commercial doubles go the Sabatti's are still the most affordable, and then I would say Krieghoff an over under is a rare item (in Africa at least) and hence has a significantly higher on average price than entry level commercially produced side by sides.

    As far as regulating goes, Reinhard has a Suhl(spelling) 470 NE it regulates as well if not better, I have been able to compare it by now to a couple of other doubles and have not picked up any regulating issues and this after being compared to 3 other side by sides (and not much playing around with loads) I am still waiting on CFR though but have the odd shooting visit with my new baby about twice a week.... going to be a long wait

    As another side note Side locks are considered to be the more appealing action (not better) as they have more room for ENGRAVING, but from an engineering standpoint, the box lock is easier to produce and more reliable (all the parts are attached the same "chunk" of metal) and also has a much "stronger" stock since the stock has not been cut away for lock work attached to the inside of the locks.

    Here comes the kicker!!!!! you should note that gun makers (commercial) such as Chapuis, Berretta and some well known others produce box locks with sheet metal fake side locks (don't cut away stock material) to allow for additional engraving which would then also sell at the higher end of the $ range....

    If you were going for price, get the Sabatti, if you were looking for something different go with the over under....

    My best always
    Jaco Strauss
    Kwalata Wilderness safaris - South Africa/Mozambique

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    Hey, Sabatti does make a big game over under, up to 500 NE. I should have to test fire it in. Month, more or less. Might be' very interesting, in my opinion

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