How To Post A Video On A Premium Listing

A video can be added when a Premium Listing is created or later. A video can be added, removed or replaced at any time. A Premium Listing will allow for one video to be displayed at a time.

STEP ONE - login
1.1 To play a video on your listing, first post your video on a free media server service like Once you have completed it, find your video on and look for the "Embed" code which shows on the page, copy it (Ctrl C) and paste it (Ctrl P) into the field "Code" when postong a video on a listing.

STEP TWO - login
2.1. Simply login into your directory account by clicking on the "Directory Account Login" link located in the top right corner of any page of the directory or click here.

STEP THREE - post a video
3.1. Once in the "Member Section" of the directory, post a video by clicking on "Manage Listings" under the "Listings" tab.
3.2. Select the listing you want to post the video to by clicking on the name of the "Listing Title".
3.3. Once in the "Listing Detail Area" click on "Edit Listing Information".
3.4. Once in the "Listing Information" section, scroll down the page to the section called "To Post Your Video Insert Snippet Code".
3.5. Add a video to your gallery by simply inserting the "Code" of the video from any free media server service like in the appropriate field.
3.6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Submit". Your video is now posted on the listing which will be reviewed and activated by the Site Manager only after the process is complete. Once the listing activated, the video will be live.