How To Claim A Free Listing From The Hunting Directory

Here is the step by step on how to claim a Free Listing from the hunting directory if you have or not a hunting directory account.

Claiming a Free Listing allows you to do several things:
• Associate the listing with your hunting directory account
• Add, change or update the listing information at any time
• Upgrade the listing at any time from a Free Listing to a Premium Listing

To find out in detail what the different listings have to offer click here.

STEP ONE - search the hunting directory
1.1. Find out if your business is already listed in the hunting directory by doing a search within the search box of the hunting directory, click here. For more information on how to search click here.
1.2. Found your listing, read step two otherwise click here to find out "How To Add A Listing To The Hunting Directory" .

STEP TWO - claim your listing
2.1. Easily claim your listing from the hunting directory by clicking on the "is this your business?" green link located on the free listing.

STEP THREE - follow the easy 3 steps
3.1. The system will take you step by step through the process of claiming your listing. Through the process you will have the ability to keep the Free Listing or upgrade it to a Premium Listing.
3.2. Once your listing has been created, it will be submitted for approval.