New Members Getting Started

Once a member of community, to get started we recommend you introduce yourself in our Introductions & Greets section of the hunting forum where you can meet other members and so we can get to know you.

You may also want to take a few minutes to fill out your Member Profile with information such as where you have hunted, hunting clubs / organizations you belong to which shows when you make a post! This is also where you can access your AH account to edit your signature, include an avatar and profile picture, send and receive private / email messages, manage your buddy / ignore lists and much much more...

If you post pictures or videos in the Photo & Video Galleries it will automatically create a personal photo gallery of all of your pictures which will show up in your post header each time you post in the forum, as a link called "View My Photos". You can see up above, in my post header, on the right side in the "Stats" box there is a direct link to my photo gallery under "View My Photos" where anyone can click on the number to view my personal photo gallery.

If you have any questions about our site or your account please Contact Us or post in the Hunting Forum Technical Help section of the forum. Feel free to refer also to the FAQ section of the site.

Looking forward to your participation.