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Kalahari Bowhunting

This is a discussion on Kalahari Bowhunting within the Bowhunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Hello I am going to hunt in the kalahari area next weekend!!! Would like some tips on what time to ...

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    Default Kalahari Bowhunting


    I am going to hunt in the kalahari area next weekend!!!
    Would like some tips on what time to leave to go to the blinds.
    Any other tips would also be appreciated!!!


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    Really be aware of the sand. It is so fine that it can make its way into about anything. My bow release jammed last year because of it and it also caused one of my cameras to overheat.
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    it all depends where the blind is set up - at a waterhole or close to a trail
    Waterhole -
    it depends what animals you are after as not all antelope have the same drinking habbits. I am sure the farm-owner or guide will be more than helpfull with the best time for what-ever antelope you are after.
    Trail -
    again - it depends what you are after on the day. I have hunted (rifle) many times in the Kalahari and i can assure you the people there know their farms and animals intemately. From my experience - they will have the most accurate suggestions for you to be where at what time for what animal.

    Good Luck!
    Fortes Fortuna Luvat

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