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Bow hunting Impala

This is a discussion on Bow hunting Impala within the Bowhunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; I have worked through the photos I have and I would like to share a couple of thoughts about one ...

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    Default Bow hunting Impala

    I have worked through the photos I have and I would like to share a couple of thoughts about one of my favourite game animals I like to hunt with a bow...


    The Impala is probably the most wide spread antelope in Southern Africa and if we take in account that they occur in relative high numbers and are not as expensive to hunt like other game species such as the majestic Kudu.

    I like to get into my pit blind, elevated hide or tree stand before the sun comes up and I will in 95% of time not move from this blind until the sun goes down again unless I had a successful hunt.

    Its about 09:30 and I have the first visitors to the blind,

    Now is the time to be patient. Give them time to come in and relax.

    Impala is very jumpy when they come into the water and with a lot of animals there is a lot of eyes and ears that can pick up either movement or sound coming out of the hide.

    Look at this ewe

    Dont move untill she relax or she will spook all the animals...

    One of the frustrating things about impala is that they love to drink in a bunch and they will not give you a shot what so ever...

    Give them time to drink and you might get a clean shot as they start to move off....

    If not wait and enjoy the experience of all the animals so close to you...


    Here is a better chance.

    That Impala Ram is standing perfectly broad side.

    Do not take the shot!!!!!

    Look carefully there is another Impala standing right behind him...


    Here is another ram coming in....

    Do you see how he looks like a 100 meter sprinter in the blocks ready for the starters gun to fire....

    Forget about taking a shot. He is on high alert look at that tail, its pulled in between the legs...

    He is not relaxed at all and he will string jump you if you try the shot.

    He will either duck the arrow or you will hit him very badly and you will be spending a lot of valuable hunting time looking for a wounded animal...

    So lets see if he will relax and give us a shot or wait for the next Impala...

    Here is a couple of nice rams....

    Will you take the shot at the ram at the left?

    He IS standing perfect.....

    Maybe wait a bit lets see what he is going to do. They are not stressed to much..

    Okay there he goes he is walking around the other side of water...


    He is 22 yards away....

    Take your shot....

    and remember to follow trough ....

    and enjoy the experience
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    First I would like to welcome you to AH and second I would like to say, wow, what a truly excellent post! As I was reading I felt like I was right there in the moment. Thank you for sharing your expertise, I think anyone reading this post will learn something they didn't know. The pictures along with the play-by-play really brought this to life.

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    Hi Gerhard,

    Welcome to AH. Good post and the pictures really help illustrate your points.

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    Glad you enjoyed it.

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