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is there a better place in all of africa for spot and stalk bowhunting plains game than another?

This is a discussion on is there a better place in all of africa for spot and stalk bowhunting plains game than another? within the Bowhunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; is there a better place in all of africa for spot and stalk bowhunting plains game than another?...

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    Default is there a better place in all of africa for spot and stalk bowhunting plains game than another?

    is there a better place in all of africa for spot and stalk bowhunting plains game than another?

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    I think some area are better than others. If the game isn't rifle hunted it's easier, certainly cover helps. There are lots of great bow hunting places in money and go!

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    Welcome to AH.

    A bit of a loaded question. It can be done in most countries: Namibia, RSA, Zim, Botswana. I don't know about Zambia and Mozambique.

    Namibia and RSA are quite well developed in most respects for Bow Hunters. Make sure the outfitter comprehends bow hunting.
    Bow hunting in RSA is taking off with the local hunters.

    Botswana is emerging as a market for plains game hunting.
    With a new $1500 Bow permit for Zimbabwe it dampens the desire to attend.

    What are you looking to hunt?
    That will start to limit the locations somewhat.

    I tried laying in wait and spot and stallk for Springbok with the Bow. That is pretty tough to do in open country.
    Never closed the distance.

    Blind hunting is the norm but Spot and Stalk is accommodated more and more.
    We just had a property where a tree stand was being offered.
    Practice whispering before you leave for Africa!
    A Legend in my own mind!

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    I am doing a spot and stalk hunt in RSA with my bow in July this year.
    I will tell you how it was when I come back

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    I'm going to Namibia also this next year on a walk and stalk I will let you know how it goes.

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    This is probably the most challenging hunt there is to do, but it sure is do-able. In the area where we are there are a lot of cover and this certainly helps a lot when doing walk and stalk. Because of the cover spot and stalk can sometimes be a bit difficult as your view of the field is quite often blocked from the roads. Pros/Cons of thick cover LOL

    But it sure is possible.
    Save your money and come do it!!!

    Best Regards
    Gerrit Jansen van Vuuren

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    Just returned from three weeks south of Joberg assisting a missionary. Had the privilege and opportunity to take a red hartebeest for meat for seven other missionary families. Location was Zuikerkop Country Game Lodge, Conference Centre & Wedding Venue an amazing facility, over 3000 acres, spot and stalk in the a.m. and sit the hides in the p.m. Individual rondavals for your comfort, fantastic food, excellent service. Over twenty species available. Having hunted the Eastern Cape in 03 for plains game and Zimbabwe in 06 for dangerous game I found this country game lodge excellent for bow hunting. Prices seemed very reasonable. PHs knowledgeable but only there for two days collecting meat.

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