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Best Range for Bowhunting

This is a discussion on Best Range for Bowhunting within the Bowhunting Africa forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Hi I would like to know what distance is best for hunting. Cheers Dox...

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    Default Best Range for Bowhunting


    I would like to know what distance is best for hunting.


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    I think that answer relates to how you shoot. By that, i mean what is your best range (tightest groups). It could be 20 yards, 30 yards, etc. You need to shoot a lot and figure out how comfortable you are at different ranges and then set your self imposed limits.

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    I think that 20 yards is the distance that you must be able to do good groupings at. I know bowhunters that can shoot 6 inch groupings at 120 yards, but that's not for the everyday bowhunter. That same bowhunter told me that if you want to hunt at 20 yards you should practice at 40 and when you get the 20 yard shot you will find it a easy shot.
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    Hi Dox.

    I would say that 30 yards is the limit for ethical bowhunting, don't get me wrong, there are good shots that can shoot from longer ranges but, you as a bowhunter must know your limitations. As Andries said if you want to shoot at 20y practice at 40y and the same for 40y practice at 60y.

    Even 20y is a problem for some bowhunters, they wound animals like Impala and Warthog then they blame it on the size of the animal they then go for bigger animals like Blue Wildebees wich have a bigger target area. This is absolute nonsence, it is simply a person that doesn't practice enough and is yust not ready to hunt with a bow yet.

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    I agree that 30 yards is a good distance to limit your shots to. My groupings seem to open up much more beyond that, with an increased number of flyers. But that is me.
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    Studies on whitetailed deer show that 17-24 yards is the range they are most likley to hear your bow and have enough time to react. After 24 yards they dont react with the same alertness. Impala seem to be higher strung than whitetails. Wildebeast seem to be high strung too. Everything else shouldnt be a problem.

    From my experience 15-20 yards is perfect.
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