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Taxidermist Otjiwarongo Namibia

This is a discussion on Taxidermist Otjiwarongo Namibia within the Before & After the Hunt forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Hi gang, I am new to the forum and new to the African hunting experience. I will be heading to ...

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    Default Taxidermist Otjiwarongo Namibia

    Hi gang,

    I am new to the forum and new to the African hunting experience. I will be heading to Aloegrove Safaris in April with a few friends and we are very excited. I haven't been able to find a lot of references to his place but I think that is because he takes more photo safari customers over hunters. I have been able to contact several of the clients that hunted with him in 2012 and they all had a great experience, so that is reassuring.

    My question is which taxidermist should I use while there in Otjiwarongo? I am thinking I am just going to have dip and pack done there and have the taxidermy work done in the US by a friend of mine who has done some excellent work for me previously. Right now I am leaning towards using Kings Taxidermy, but I also don't know about exporters either.

    For a novice going to the Dark Continent there is a lot to learn, and I am trying to learn as much as I can prior to heading over. I already have found my place to hunt (Aloegrove), paid my deposit after talking to references and getting my answers back to all questions quickly and to my satisfaction, purchased plane tickets and laid on my taxidermist.

    Now for the stuff I am still working out...the dip and pack taxidermist, the exporter, and then the importer in the US to get my (our) stuff through US Customs. What are the pitfalls that I need to look out for as I negotiate through this part of the process? I am trying to lay out every possible expense so I don't bust my budget (my wife very generously provided me $10k).

    I know you are going to ask so I am going to hunt for mountain zebra, kudu, oryx and warthog. I know with the warthog not to bring the hide into the States so I am just taking the skull and tusks. Speaking of the Mountain zebra, has anybody taken these recently and tried to import them into the US? I know that it is a CITES animal and the website for the Customs and Border Protection, Law Enforcement section states that it only has to see the CITES export permit from Namibia in order to allow it. Is that something that is taken care of by my PH? Do I specifically have to ask to have that done or is that automatically done prior to my arrival because it is on my wish list?

    Thanks everybody for all the great help and information to this point.


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    Welcome to AH.

    You sound like you have done a whole bunch of the work.

    Ojitwarongo or Windhoek for a taxidermist to do the service.

    Get a bunch of Estimates from several taxidermists.
    Reiser is one that is trusted by several members and outfitters on AH.

    No idea about Kings. Have not heard of them, not that that means a whole bunch.

    Get a bunch of Estimates again.
    Shipping companies will be suggested by the taxidermist.
    Namibia Safari Services did a good job.
    Make sure you get the proper numbers.

    Your Zebra is CITES APPENDIX II is an Export CITES permit only.
    Yes, the outfitter will have to take care of it for you.
    It will not be leaving Namibia without it.

    If you can not get your trophies back to USA for well under your wife's budget there is something sadly wrong.

    Good luck.
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    Welcome to AH

    Talk with your PH and see who he uses for dip and pack. With the 4 animals that you plan to hunt your dip and pack cost should be under $500. Don't be afraid to bring back your warthog cape if you want......any part of the warthog (skull or tusk) will require your raw skins and skulls to be recieved in the US by an USDA licensed taxidermist. You can search on the web to find one close to you. Once he receives your crate and does the required treatment he can release it to you to take to your regular taxidermist.

    I used Namibia Safari Services for my shipment this past year and they did a good problems and at a reasonable cost. Both my from Zimbabwa in 2010 and Namibia 2012 came over the ocean from Jo'berg to Atlanta in the cargo compartment of a Delta passenger plane.

    Brickburn is right on......your Hartmans zebra is a CITES II animal and your PH will take care of the permit for's mostly all about paperwork....but it needs to be done right for it to make it to the US with out problems.

    I used Coopersmith as my import broker...both times and they did a fine job. I worked with the Seattle office but I'm sure you can fine an office near you. Look at their web site.....there is lots of good info!

    You are going to have a great time!
    Good Luck!
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    Hi Scott,
    You made the right choice choosing Aloe Grove Safaris. I have hunted at Aloe Grove for over 10 years. I shot my first trophy, a kudu bull with them. Otjiwarongo Taxidermy did the trophy for me and I was very pleased with their service and price. You must consider shooting an eland, they are huge at Aloe Grove.
    Enjoy your hunt.

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    Thanks to all of you for the great help and advice. I think from looking over my estimate from Kings for dip and pack it will be $730. That covers the skulls of the kudu, oryx (taking 2 of them), zebra and the warthog. I am also going to have the hides done from all but the warthog, so based upon their price list that comes to the above price. Kings is the company that Johan from Aloegrove recommended since he was having issues (slow service) with the other taxidermists there in town. As with any hunting trip when coming from out-of-town (or country in this case) I think you have to take the recommendations from the locals. Naturally I am going to consider getting quotes from the others.

    @Spies...I would love to shoot an eland. Maybe I will see if I can fit it into my budget but I think I getting tight. Johan charges $2000 and I know that would cause the budget to explode, as well as my wife. :-) Maybe next time...

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    Welcome to the forum Scott, and good luck with your hunt.

    We expect a full report and tons of pics

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    I hunted not far from there and I used Casper's Taxidermy. Here's his website: Home | Casper's Taxidermy

    My PH was a former teacher and Casper happened to be one of his former students. He is great to deal with, communicates very well and his work is exceptional and priced reasonable. My taxidermist here in the Houston-area raved about the condition that my skins and skull plates were in. Besides the hides being very well taken care of and absolutely zero hide slippage, the horns were not over-boiled so that they didn't lose any color. My experience was great and I can enjoy my trophies just like the day they were taken in Namibia.

    I also used Namibia Safari Services and I can't say enough positive about them. Great to deal with and communication was excellent!

    My only regret was I didn't shoot enough while I was there, I should have shot a few more. It's only money--you'll earn it again.........

    Best of luck to you and wishing you safe travels!


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