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Euro Mounts from SA

This is a discussion on Euro Mounts from SA within the Before & After the Hunt forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Hoping to get some opinions on Euro mounts that are done from SA taxidermists. I'm considering having European mounts of ...

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    Default Euro Mounts from SA

    Hoping to get some opinions on Euro mounts that are done from SA taxidermists. I'm considering having European mounts of my trophies. However I've been told by taxidermists here in the US that the quality is very poor and will often times they get busted up in the shipping. They said getting the mounts to the final process will make them more brittle and a dip/pack with the proper wrapping is the safer way to go.

    There is about a $500 difference between SA dip/pack vs Euro mount from the 4 taxidermists I have received quotes from in SA. These taxidermists do come with good reviews found on this site.

    One of my very first Euro mounts is turning yellow. This was done by a US taxidermists and I've since learned it's the fat that's leaching out. I have since found someone that does a great job with Euro mounts and would trust he would process them correctly.

    My PH is suggesting to have it all done in SA and then I can clear them thru customs myself to help save the $450 broker fee.

    I'd love to hear if you had Euro mounts done and how they turned out over time. Is it better to pay $650 (plus $450 broker) for dipping and packing and have them finished in the US. Or $1400 for them to be completed in SA and cleared thru customs myself?


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    There is no guarantee that someone will not over boil the heads or something dumb like that, but I wouldn't spend money on having it done in the USA either . I would visit a decent SA taxidermist and ask for pictures of a job well done before you send final payment....encourage good results.

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    I did get my European mounts done in SA in 2011 and the job done was totally crap.
    No taxidermist here in Norway is willing to try to fix them as they can't guarantee a quality result after trying to fix the mounts.
    I am going to try to fix some of them myself, but my Kudu is not possible to fix to look decent at all and will never hang on a wall in my house.

    Despite this experience I am not scared away from using a SA taxidermist. I just learned a lesson to check properly where to get the taxidermist job done.
    I am going on a hunt again this year and I will use a taxidermist in SA do the job on my trophies.
    I will not get the European mounts done by getting the skulls cut and attached to a shield this time.
    I am going to use SkullHookers for my European mounts.

    One advice I will give is to make sure that they don't drill holes in the horns to attach labels to keep track of your trophies. Make sure they use other methods for that.

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    I had euro-mounts done in RSA once, and they have turned yellowish.

    So, from then on, only dip/pack for me.

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    I have 3 euros from Capricorn Taxidermists in RSA and they are excellent. My hunting team also has about a dozen shoulder mounts that are of the highest quality. Happy to provide pictures.

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