I guess my body, or was it my mind, thought last night was my final night before the bird takes to the air.
Up at 02:30, not going back to sleep.

I filled the time with this little chores, chasing down the midnight spammer on AH, figuring out which pages of the books to photocopy, making the final deposits to bank account, counting the hours until work was over.

The final meetings are done. Just a little paperwork to go and I am free.

Called the travel agent about Air Namibia flight. Just making sure I get to leave Germany Thursday night. No issues at this point.

The weather forecast looks like thundershowers in Frankfurt. 33C tomorrow. I do not want to melt on the way to Namibia.
Glad I am going to the semi desert where you can at least have a minus temperature at night.

I can't wait, but I have to.

The hunting report starts here: