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Hunter launches $100,000 lawsuit - Taxidermist

This is a discussion on Hunter launches $100,000 lawsuit - Taxidermist within the Before & After the Hunt forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; It appears that bringing your trophies home does not guarantee a good job or even getting the work done at ...

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    Default Hunter launches $100,000 lawsuit - Taxidermist

    It appears that bringing your trophies home does not guarantee a good job or even getting the work done at all. Astounding!

    Hunter launches $100,000 lawsuit


    Its' never a good idea to upset a person who travels around the world killing animals for sport.

    Edmonton businessman Raymond Moher has launched a $100,000 lawsuit against local taxidermist Clarence Kriaski after alleging he carelessly destroyed the hides of 18 animals he had hired him to preserve.

    According to a statement of claim filed in Court of Queens Bench on April 18, Moher is an experienced trophy game hunter who travels the world to participate in safaris and hunt remote trophy animals for sport.

    Moher alleges he hired Wildlife Originals by Clarence Kriaski to mount 18 animals he had hunted, including a buffalo, a feral sheep, a feral goat and several deer from Australia; a Marco Polo sheep and a Himalayan Ibex from Tajikastan; a Desert bighorn from Mexico; a wart hog, an impala and a kudu from Africa and an Alberta porcupine.

    Moher claims he made numerous requests to pick up the trophy mounted animals, but Kriaski kept putting him off and saying the job was not yet finished.

    On Feb. 10, Moher says he had the unfinished hides picked up at Wildlife Originals and taken right away to Artistic Taxidermy to have the work completed.

    He alleges he was then called by Artistic Taxidermy owner Brian Dobson immediately after the hides had been dropped off and told they were contaminated with silver fish bugs, full of eggs and the hair was falling out.

    Moher alleges Kriaski caused irreparable damage to the hides as a result of not taking reasonable care in his work and negligently storing them.

    He claims the damage stems from the incorrect application of the appropriate preserving chemicals, incorrect tanning technique, incorrect mounting technique and a failure to freeze or freeze dry the hides.

    Moher says he is out the money he paid for trophy fees and shipping and will have to pay more fix the damage.

    A statement of defence has not yet been filed.

    Statements of claim and statements of defence contain allegations which have not been proven in court.
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    Why shouldn't a taxidermist be held responsible for negligence? The outcome will be interesting.
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    Damn...he's prolly got more than 100k wrapped up in those excursions!

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    Absolutely the taxidermist can be liable. There is no mention of the condition of hides when left with the taxidermist so we can assume the hides where good or the taxidermist would of contacted the hunter.

    Many more questions could be asked, how reputable is the taxidermist, experience with these trophies, previous experience with taxidermist, was he the cheapest, on and on. In taxidermy you get what you pay for. This lawsuit could just be the end of his taxidermy career. It is too bad it has to happend so beware. At least the hunter has some recourse being a state side taxidermist. If it where in another country, good luck.
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