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Satellite Phone in Africa

This is a discussion on Satellite Phone in Africa within the Before & After the Hunt forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; Heading to Africa for the first time next month and it looks like I'll be on the continent 3-4 times ...

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    Default Satellite Phone in Africa

    Heading to Africa for the first time next month and it looks like I'll be on the continent 3-4 times over the next two years (Namibia, RSA and Tanzania). I have been using Skype when I'm overseas and it works great IF you have an internet connection. I know I can't count on that at all in Africa so I'm considering renting or buying a sat phone.

    Looking for what others have done and why. I also get backcountry in the USA/Canada once or twice a year. Thanks for your input.


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    Check out Global Rescue's traveller package, they offer an insurance package and a iridium phone as a single package. I guess it would depend on how much you intend to use the phone. If it is just for emergencies that would be my suggestion. If you are looking for a communication device for frequent calls to the states iridium is the way to go, you get texting and incoming calls for free.
    Macs Burke

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    Everyone is different but I go to Africa to get away from it all. It seems today that if the phone rings we HAVE to answer it.

    Your PH should be equiped for emergency coms (if your paying enough) so that should not be your responsibility and should be stated in his services.

    Go, relax and enjoy Africa.
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    I always carry one in the bush.Better to have one and not need it,than to need one and not have it..!

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