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Care Of Your Mounted Trophy

This is a discussion on Care Of Your Mounted Trophy within the Before & After the Hunt forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; I wanted to share some more information about the danger of insect damage. First, here is a link to a ...

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    I wanted to share some more information about the danger of insect damage. First, here is a link to a Yale University technical discussion of the problem. Unfortunately there are no illustrations. [NHCOLL-L:5363] RE: moths and taxidermy mounts

    Another site (in the UK I believe) with a good discussion about the various things that can damage your mounts is here: taxidermy - Pests and Problems - Museum Pests It includes citations for its information sources. It mentions another important source of damage - sunlight. Just as sun can bleach fabric, it can also bleach the hair on your mounts.

    Next, I recommend that you take a look at this site. While it does wander off into the weeds a bit since the site is about antique taxidermy, it is an excellent discussion of the insect problem and includes photos.
    Taxidermy Housekeeping

    Finally, if you want to read more, I recommend a Google search for TAXIDERMY INSECT DAMAGE. It will produce many sites with a wealth of information and, of course, some that are way off topic.

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    Thank you for the resources Mtgoat!

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    What great advice, I will be sure to keep the needed items in a separate container for easy and convenient carry and use on my trophies. I want to be sure that how they look now will be how they look every time i see them.

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