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Great Food

This is a discussion on Great Food within the Before & After the Hunt forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; One of the great things about traveling to different countries is trying the food. One of my favorite places to ...

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    Default Great Food

    One of the great things about traveling to different countries is trying the food. One of my favorite places to eat in South Africa is at one of the Spur Restaurants. My wife and I really got a kick out of the first one we went to. They have an American Southwest theme and they had pictures of people in braided wigs and cow hide vests that were suppossed to be American Indians. But the food is good and if you go try a chedda melt, and don't be afraid to try the monkey gland sauce. If you stay at the Afton House while in Joberg they will offer to take you to a steakhouse that is near their lodge. The food at this place is very good and the prices are very reasonable (sorry I don't remember the name). As far as the game meat goes, try it all. I really love eland, kudu, gemsboc, and even cape buffalo. While we were eating the fillets of the buffalo I had shot, My PH said, "I bet this is the most money you have ever paid for a steak". Impala, springboc, and warthog are pretty good too. I passed on trying zebra but everyone I have talked to said it is very good. South African lamb is absolutely fantastic, but if you like lamb in the States you may not want to try it as it makes American lamb pale in comparison. The king of food in Africa is biltong, all types and all flavors. I highly recommend a Castle Lager and a handful of biltong.

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    Personally one of my favorite meals while in camp is Impala liver and onions, but any of the smaller plains game animals will do especially Duiker etc. I have had Zebra a couple of times and the one at Joe's Beer House in Windhoek was not so great, but I had Zebra at camp (Leopard bait) in Zim and it was "chicken fried" and served with a wedge of lemon like a piece of fish and it was wonderful. I also liked my Leopard backstrap. Black Wildebeest is a bit on the chewy side but wonderful flavor. Hippo backstrap steaks were great. The only bad I had was Bushpig and I think it has to do with the manner it was prepared also another very good meal was roasted haunch of Mt Reedbuck but I had a Reedbuck porggie and it was bad. If you remember the name of that restaurant near Afton please let me know as I will be overnighting there on the 29th of Aug. I have stayed there before but had their steak on the grill.

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    Food is always better at the camp. One of the better dishes we had was Ox Tail soup from the buf I shot. We also enjoyed impala liver as an appetizer sitting around the campfire with a drink of scotch. I have 310 days before I leave again. It will be a long wait.

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    Buff-Tail Soup is a must, with fresh baked bread pasted with butter and garlic. BBQ tenderloin made by your PH is also a must. It is also amazing how much better caramel and fried banana tastes when had in a camp. There is lots more but you will just have to come to my camps in Tanzania to experience the amazing bush cuisine on offer. Karibu!
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