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Packing Guns?

This is a discussion on Packing Guns? within the Before & After the Hunt forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; I was not too sure where to post this. Anyway, I will be heading to RSA in 9 more days ...

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    Default Packing Guns?

    I was not too sure where to post this. Anyway, I will be heading to RSA in 9 more days for my first safari. I was wondering what is the best way to transport my rifles in the case. I know TSA will need to check them, but I have read that some people remove the bolts before putting them into the case. Also I have read that some guys put them in the soft case and then put them into the hard case. Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated. On another note my friend was in RSA in May and they ran into some snow near I think KwaZulu Natal. I guess that means I may actually need a warm jacket for early morning and late evening. Its kind of hard to imagine when the avg. temp here in New Mexico is around 100 F everyday.

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    Hi G-Man! Here are some quick thoughts. I pull the bolt on the rifle so everyone feels comfortable and leave it in the gun case. Some guys bring a soft case to carry there gun around in Africa which is fine. I didn't bring one and was fine! My gun is not for looks, it's a hunting tool. I would not put the gun in a soft case and then pack it. It will create busy work. I would make sure the case you that you use to bring your gun to Africa....that your firearm is secure, doesn't have any chance for movement...I have used bubble wrap to secure my gun and have had no problems.

    Just make sure to declare your firearm in the U.S. and have your firearm registration form for South Africa. Other than that you will be fine.

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    >>I believe it is the law that the bolts must be taken out of the gun for transporting. I just left them in the gun case. I did take a soft case with me for the simple reason of moving from 1 concession to another. Some times the Ph told me to case it in travel & other times not! It sure beats dragging a huge double gun case in the vehicle all the time!!
    .. Just make sure you have a good durable case that keeps them from moving & you should be fine, also make sure you have all your paperwork with you & filled out correctly!!!

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    I pull the bolts and slide the gun into silicone gun socks for added protection.

    Beside the cool weather there, changing from their short daylight hours to our long ones and the the time difference when getting home, kicked my butt!

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    G-Man: Looks like you are getting good advice. Here's another piece for RSA travel...

    You'll have no problems getting into the RSA with ammo packed to US airline requirements (metal box, locked, declared in checked bags), but you'll have trouble getting OUT. SA Airlines and RSA require that ammo is in a locked, SEPARATE bag for ammo only.

    We got a lot of grief over this at Port Elizabeth and J'burg in May.

    - browningbbr

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    Thanks for the all the advice. I am travelling on Delta and they told me that ammo could be packed inside the checked luggage without being in a seperate locked box. I plan on putting it in one anyway just in case. I will take a soft case for travel around Africa and I like the silicone gun sock and bubble wrap ideas as well. I took care of all the paperwork back in February. Thanks again.

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    I use a tuff pack, and put the guns in soft cases (you will need a soft case once you arrive in Africa anyway) and pack jackets, sweaters, etc. around them. Works well and that is the best case I have ever used and has held up to over 30 extended safari trips so far...I tried them all over the years and the tuff pak is my choice.....

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