The Fantastic Mr. Fox!

I nicknamed this big fella ... "Lucky" He came to me after being taken out for killing chickens. That's when his luck ran out!

While he lived, he survived quite a bit. He had severe damage to his left eye, including a tear through his lower lid which ran down the face under the lid, and through the rear corner of the mouth. The eye itself was in bad shape, and he might have been blind in that eye as well. His ears are all nicked and bitten ... very uneven fur on the ear edges.

And finally the "Tour de Force" ... he is missing his left foreleg. Like Jerry Reed sang in his song 'Amos Moses' ♫ "Left arm gone clean up to the elbow!"♫

Still, all-in-all ... a very handsome fellow! Especially so with those bright white rear stockings!

Hope you all enjoyed meeting "The Fantastic Mr. Fox." I want to thank Mr. Stephen Sexton, of Xenia, Ohio, for allowing me the privilege of mounting this interesting Vulpine character, and letting me put up his photos.