Hunting Angola The Long Awaited Reopening Announced

Lots of talk at the SCI convention about the long awaited reopening of hunting in Angola. Several outfitters and professional hunters have been actively involved to make this happen for a couple of years now.

I am here to say that the ink is till wet but the deal is finally done and hunting in Angola will begin in 2010. The predicted hunting season will be from August through October.

The hunting concessions in Angola apparently will operate much like the CAMPFIRE areas in Zimbabwe with a contract for 25 years. The hunting concession is located in the Southeastern corner of Angola, very near the border of Zambia and adjacent to the Luiana National Park in Angola which borders the Caprivi Strip of Namibia (see yellow campfire area in map below). The 2.5 million hectare hunting concession area will be divided among a few hunting outfitters, one of which is Roger Whittall Safaris based in Zimbabwe. The hunting concession is sandwiched between the Cuando (Kwando) River to the East and the Luiana River to the West.

I had a nice conversation with Butch Coaton from Zimbabwe, a well known PH and the son-in-law of Roger Whittall who has been spending some time in Angola surveying the game and preparing to hunt this area. He showed me some video footage of the hunting area on his computer and it looks very promising, I saw Elephants and Buffaloes in good numbers. In some areas the main river reaches out into many streams creating a vast swampy plain that can span 5 kilometers across perfect for Sitatunga and many other species (see the extensive list of species below).

Roger Whittall has been given permission to do promotional hunts in Angola for this year, his company has been allotted the Southern most part of the concession area bordering the Luiana National Park. Roger is now back in Zimbabwe from the SCI convention. He will be heading to Angola as soon as possible so he can to get things moving, as there is a lot to do to set up camps and infrastructure as interest for hunting in Angola is high. Butch will be in Angola during February and March and will in a better position to answer all of our questions when he gets back.

Quotas are yet to be finalized for each hunting area and outfitters are already working with CITES...

For Roger Whittall Safaris prices for Angola, click here, and for a close up map of the entire hunting concession area, click here.

Anyone interested can contact them about their openings for hunting in Angola.

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Roger Whittall Safaris
Roger Whittall

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Butch Coaton Big Game Hunting
Butch Coaton

Angola Hunting Areas

Angola Major Cities

Detailed Map of Angola
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List of species offered in Angola by Roger Whittall Safaris
Angolan Bush Duiker
Bat Eared Fox
Black Backed Jackal
Blue Wildebeest
Cape Buffalo
Common Reedbuck
Defassa Waterbuck
Livingston Eland
Red Lechwe
Roan Antelope
Sable Antelope
Southern Greater Kudu
Spotted Hyena
Zambezi Sitatunga