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A 375 Ruger Upgrade

This is a discussion on A 375 Ruger Upgrade within the .375 & Up forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Friends. Last year I purchased a new Ruger Hawkeye in 375 Ruger. An old Ruger fan since I bought my ...

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    Default A 375 Ruger Upgrade

    Last year I purchased a new Ruger Hawkeye in 375 Ruger.
    An old Ruger fan since I bought my first SA Super Blackhawk in 44 Rem mag in 1975, I was kind of intrigued by this new caliber and rifle.

    The rifle felt good in the gun store.

    After I got it home, I decided that this one is gonna be a keeper, and I went to my local smith to give an upgrade.

    He put on a Pachmayr Decelerator cap, removed the stock varnish and gave it a good oil rub down (need a lot more oil), added an extra cross bolt and blinded both with ebony plugs, added a ebony forend and moved the sling swivel to the barrel.

    It turned out to be a very handy and nice rifle, don´t you think

    I have not had that much chance to shoot it yet, but have loaded some 275 grs Woodleigh, and also shot some factory ammo both in 270 and 300 grs.

    This is a five shot group from bench at 100 meters while there was still snow on the ground.
    Not much to brag about, but it did put three close and two who opened up a bit. Mostly the shooter to blame I think. Most of the groups was like that

    Will try it on moose this fall, and it will go with me to Namibia in 2011.
    The factory ammo was pretty stout, and the factory 300 grainers averaged my 270 grs handloads in fps.
    Recoil was also noticeable, actually a bit more than in my M70 Classic Safari in 375 H&H, but in no way uncomfortable.
    Looking forward to give a go in the wilderness this fall
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    Nicely done.

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    Excellent rifle. I too am a big fan of an oil finish on stocks - much richer looking in my opinion.
    :) SCI, B&C, NRA, NAHC
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    You know Ruger stocks were never impressive from the factory, but that oil finish is the second one I've seen retouched after market. It's amazing what a little attention will do for an average looking stock. The nice figure and wood grain are really brought out by a hand rubbed oil finish.
    Macs Burke

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