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New CZ550

This is a discussion on New CZ550 within the .375 & Up forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Just bought a new CZ550 in .375 H&H. I love it! Shoots well and recoil isn't really any worse than ...

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    Oct 2011

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    Default New CZ550

    Just bought a new CZ550 in .375 H&H. I love it! Shoots well and recoil isn't really any worse than a lightweight 30-06
    Planning an overseas dangerous game hunt with friends within the next five years - We're thinking Buffalo in Australia.
    I know a lot of folk on this site are old hands, but this is pretty big stuff for us. Just wanted to say your site has been a big help.

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    Your purchase was a wise one. The CZ 550 is a great rifle, and the caliber is fantastic. I hope you have many years of happy shooing with your rifle. I owned one in 416 Rigby, and a 100 yrds you could cover 3 shots with a half dollar. Good luck in Australia. BTW welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome to AH, I have a 375 H&H CZ 550 and yes it's a great rifle.

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    the exact rifle and caliber that I used for my ones shot cape buffalo and the exact same rifle and caliber I am using for my elephant in about six weeks.
    Cheers, Mike

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    Hello Jay, welcome to the forums.

    We have two .375's as loan rifles in our camp, one of them being identical to your CZ 550 which a lot of our clients use to successfuly take Asiatic buffalo with.

    Loaded with a premium grade projectile which is delivered to a vital area, the .375 is a very effective buffalo cartridge.

    Although now extremely expensive here in Aus we have found the Barnes Tripple Shok the most reliable and consistent penetrating bullet.

    I could also reccomend C.E.B's (Cutting Edge Bullets) and North Forks.

    Good luck with your 550 and good hunting.

    Paul Truccolo
    Southern Safaris Australia

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    Jul 2010

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    Hi Jay,
    Welcome to the forum. Got a CZ in .375 H&H as well. What a beaut ! Love it.

    Best Regards
    Marius Goosen
    Marius Goosen
    KMG Hunting Safaris - South Africa, Namibia, Zambia

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    Now the real fun starts - working up your favourite accurate load..!

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    Good choice, Jay. I have a CZ 550 in .375 H&H that I bought off a bloke in the Northern Territory, and he used to hunt water buffalo with it. Great rifle, great caliber, just got to love it! Best of luck with your hunt!
    Overkill is underestimated!

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    Nov 2011

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    Jay, it will become like an extended arm Welcome to the site, Paul T can help but also check out Leithen valley hunts as well as coralsea, I have known George(Leithen) for the last decade with going to the US and what not, good solid honest hard hunting company,
    And off course they take some rippers,
    Jaco Strauss
    Kwalata Wilderness safaris - South Africa/Mozambique

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    Welcome to AH Jay! You made a great choice in the CZ, enjoy!
    "Ignorance is curable, stupid is forever."

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    Sep 2011

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    Hi Jay.

    A warm welcome to the forum.

    I used a .375H&H CZ550 since my mid teens and I can honestly say that the bark is definitely bigger than the bite. The recoil management is excellent and definitely comparable to that of a .30-06. Good choice! With the standard factory 24" barrel it shot most accurately with factory-loaded PMP286grain bullets. With a pretty common 3-9X40 scope I was confident in the Kalahari with those open long ranges on gemsbuck and red hartebeest, and in the Limpopo I faired quite well with bush game at close ranges. Confidence and comfort with ones rifle is key. You can't go wrong with a .375H&H.

    Have fun!


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    Jan 2011

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    Welcome to the forum, Jay, that s a nice rifle !

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    Great rifle choice it will serve you well as long as you practice with it. welcome!

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