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What happen to Ruger?

This is a discussion on What happen to Ruger? within the .375 & Up forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; enysse, Got this from, at least they are listening to the hunters and buyers of their firearms it sounds ...

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    Got this from, at least they are listening to the hunters and buyers of their firearms it sounds like...

    Yes, we have had a lot of Ruger firearms in the last couple weeks, and today we come out of the gate with yet another, the Ruger American Rifle. They have a lot of new guns, and each one this year is a pretty good story, including this one. Ruger is taking all of our GunsAmerica readers very seriously, and they have begun sending us review guns regularly, so we'll keep them coming. Ruger appreciate your passion and dedication to learning about new guns as they come out, and so do we of course. Ruger is one of America's most passionate and dedicated firearms makers, and they lead the charge in the American firearms market.
    Also check out a cool executive bug out kit from STAG, a new CCW gun from Kahr in .40S&W, a new .223 scope from Nikon (great price), a new inexpensive striker pistol from Turkey, and new stuff from MTM Caseguard. Thanks for all of your clicks into the articles and we hope you like them. Everyone else is out partying after the show in Vegas and we're locked in our hotel rooms editing this stuff to get it out the next day. As long as you keep reading we'll keep writing. See you tomorrow with more from SHOT Show 2012.
    Ruger American Rifle - An American Legend is Born

    Although nothing about the big bores "yet" but, hell it's a start.


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    Thanks Scott, I may have been too hard on Ruger. They have one of the finest actions ever made. Yes, they can be rough sometimes, back in the day coming from the factory. But they never have misfeed and got better (slicker action) as you shot them and took care them.

    I hunt with a 243 Win in Ruger action for deer hunting, just because the gun is so darn dependable and accurate to shoot.

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    One of my gunsmithing school projects was a .416 Ruger build on a VZ24 Mauser 98 action. I like the .416 Ruger cartridge for its external performance and its easy feeding, once I modified the receiver. We shall see how the cartridge and rifle prove out on our planned hunting trip in 2013. I was going to build on a .416 Taylor, but decided in favor of a factory round instead of a wildcat. Ruger is definitely focusing on their market and production costs. Better to thank them for the .375 and .416 Rugers than to whine about them not offering your pet chambering at very low cost.

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    You can do like me and re-barrel a Ruger 77 Hawkeye in .300 Win Mag to .458 Win.
    A little gunsmithing (recoil pad, reinforcing bolts in stock) and you end up with a 9.4 pound quite serviceable big bore without breaking the bank.

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    I suspected this was going to happen, and I was lucky enough to acquire a 3-set of these rifles in .375 H&H, .416 Rigby and .458 Lott. Only the .375 has been to the Dark Continent so far, but I'm working on changing that.

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    Bill Ruger passed away. That's what happened. It seems that the company is coming out with cheaper equipment every year...but I guess that is what people want nowadays. Gone are the days of the original m77's with a walnut we have the ruger american rifle, the lcp, and several pistols that make Chicago's top ten list for homicides. Why? Because they are cheap, hold lots of ammo, and are plastic. If it's not tactical and holds 30 rounds, nobody wants it. I'm pretty sure Bill would be rolling over in his grave right now if he knew what his company is producing. Sorry for getting off topic, standing down from my soapbox now...

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    I have had more time to think about the post and feel the economy has changed for companies. People are doing what they have to do to stay in business. I'm glad I have a nice collection of Ruger guns before Bill Ruger passed away. I can't believe how much my brand new Ruger 44 Mag Deer carbine is worth!

    I think the new Hawkeyes are fine rifles!

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    [I could'nt agree more. But you know the 375 Ruger case is not much more than the 30 or 35 newton catridge neck up to 375. That is old enough to satisfy all the history buffsQUOTE=Norwegianwoods;44448]I am happy with my 375 Ruger, so why would I need them to offer me a 375 H&H?

    I couldn't care less about history when it comes to cartridges. I want something that works well.
    I don't care if it was made 100 years ago or yesterday.

    I totally understand Rugers thinking.
    Why offer something that competes with your own cartridges?[/QUOTE]

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    I agree with a lot of the conversation, but I chose the Ruger in 416 Ruger for its size and weight. I got close to Rigby performance in a quick pointing rifle that is light in weight and superb in close quarters. I have shot Weatherbys all my life, so the recoil factor was not an issue. I also chose it for the price of the rifle, price of ammo, and availability of reloading components. I have several Ruger shotguns, rifles, and pistols so I knew their products were reliable and well made.
    Another issue was my age. I am in my sixties and did not want to use a large portion of my hunting funds for a rifle that I might only use for a few animals. That being said, I am delighted that Ruger makes an affordable rifle that performs superbly (for me) in Africa. I think this was part of Ruger's logic in coming out with this rifle, and they have definitely provided a marketable product to fill this gap in the big bore market.

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    They quit selling the RSM too. I wonder how long it will be before they quit making the Ruger No 1s. They are into the commodity market, meanwhile Winchester has gone back to selling CRF M70s thank God! Not all is lost.

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