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This is a discussion on CHOICES?????? within the .375 & Up forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Cant decide whether I want a 500 jeffrey or a 450 rigby. Can anyone give me thire experiances with these ...

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    Default CHOICES??????

    Cant decide whether I want a 500 jeffrey or a 450 rigby. Can anyone give me thire experiances with these rounds?

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    Default Choices


    The effect on game will be no different. The 450 Rigby is a hammer use woodleigh 550 grain bullets and it will go north to south on just damn near anything you shoot. The 500 Jeffery is beast too. I had one on a reworked left handed Weatherby mark V it was about 9.5lbs and holy moley it was a handful--anything from 535's to 600 grain bullets it would shoot. My gun loved 600's but at 2250fps was almost tearful to pull the trigger.

    I have a 505 gibbs now, and its a puppy to shoot but weighs in at 11.5 lbs (I learned my lesson). I also have a 500 A-square in the works.

    I will say the 450 rigby will be easier to get brass, and your bullet selection will be a bit better, but there is nothing like a big fifty for hammering the crap out of stuff.

    Have fun with your selection process.


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    Have to agree with 505ED, components for the 450 would be more readily available, just by a quick check on the net. I have only fired a big 50 on one range visit, pretty sure it was the Jeffery, beautiful rifle, but quite a handful. Shot most of the 458's and own a few, so I am bias toward them for no other reason components and loaded ammo are cheaper. Having a custom 458 WM being built, so I would lean more toward the 450. Besides Rigby's have a great reputation.

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    505ED true in every sense of the way, I have a 500 NE and there are very few that can lay down the law as well as they do however how dead do we want it??? He he!

    Components on the 450 would be more readily available I have to have brass made for mine, keeping in mind that over here brass and things are twice as hard to find.

    Stateside I belive that he would ne reasonably good, that schuler's a proper rifle though!

    A Blessed Christmas!
    Jaco Strauss
    Kwalata Wilderness safaris - South Africa/Mozambique

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