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Winchester 70 - 416Rigby

This is a discussion on Winchester 70 - 416Rigby within the .375 & Up forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Friends, how are you all! Its been time since I do not hung around the frum, I have been busy ...

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    Default Winchester 70 - 416Rigby


    how are you all!
    Its been time since I do not hung around the frum, I have been busy ar work.

    I got I question for you all.
    Have you ever seen a winchester 70 or pre 64 transformed into a 416Rigby? it is posible to open this action to fit this 416Rigby cartige?

    The thing is I love 416Rigby and one of my favourite action is the Winchester 70.
    I guess it would not be a bad idea to have a 416Rigby with a winchester action!

    Looking forwad to get your comments-


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    I am fairly certain that in 1994 Winchester made the mod 70 in 416 Rem Mag in their Clasic Super Express. I therefore assume that as long the action on your Winchester is magnum length the gunsmith should be able to rebarrel for 416 Rigby. As far as I know Winchester never actually chambered the big Rigby as factory standard. I am also sure that many such conversions have been done in the past and will continue to be done in the future.

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    Default 416 rigby

    the short of a long answer is Yes. The M70 can be made into a Rigby, you have to cut quite a bit of metal out
    of it but it can be done, hell a M98 can be made into a Rigby--about the same! I have seen a number of M70's
    that were made into 416 rigbys. Good luck on your project


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    I would not recommend such a project as way too much metal needs to be removed. If you want a .416 Rigby, simply get a CZ, Dakota or Ruger in .416 Rigby. It will cost less and likely work better. It will certainly be stronger without all that metal cut away.

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