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what caliber for a guide?

This is a discussion on what caliber for a guide? within the .375 & Up forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Hello to the africahunting member, I would like to know what is for you the best caliber for a P.H ...

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    Default what caliber for a guide?

    Hello to the africahunting member,

    I would like to know what is for you the best caliber for a P.H for dangerous game back up ?
    Be aware that this caliber must be rented to the clients also !
    I would like to buy the new BLASER R8 KILOMBERO or the Blaser SELOUS and my caliber will be the 458 LOTT!
    Am I good?
    Le Chasseur Mauricien - Mauritius Island - Ile Maurice

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    Hi Lionel
    I did use a 416 Rigby loaded with woodleigh's for many years it was a super rifle and did fit me well, and i had lots of clients using it on buff, then about 8 years back i had a 470 Krieghoff built i am also very happy with it but i am not sure many clients will be able to shoot it well.
    Johan Potgieter
    Savanna Hunting Safaris - South Africa

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    personally I think you two have it down, anything in the 416 to 458 range would be good, if you rent the gun to a client I think most should be able to receive the recoil without to much whineing. l like the 416 Rigby and the 458 win mag.

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    I have friends in the trade who carry,and swear by,their .375's loaded with 380gr Rhino solids.Does'nt scare the clients and they pack a punch,believe me. I'm happy anywhere with six of those in my CZ or seven,if I keep one in the tube. Different strokes for different folks..!

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    I guide with both CZ in calibre .375 H&H and .458 Lott and both serviced me well until today.
    Bushwack Safaris - South Africa
    Mobile: +27 82 773 4099

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    Hi Lionel

    The 458 Lott is excelent for YOU, nobody can say anything woring about 458 as Backup Rifle, a lot of stopping power, and reliable performance....

    BUT the main problem is that not many clients will shoot that big caliber with confidence... remember that people is not used to big kicks... and they start fearing the rifle... I definitely would say is too much for a common client.... If you plan to rent it to the clients... i would bet for a CZ in caliber 375 H&H or 416 Rigby , affordable, reliable... and not too much recoil (even more because is a heavvy for caliber rifle).

    If you are gonna be the main user, and maybe once a year you rent it... 458 Lott is a great option. Anyway i will tell you that my personal option is 404 Jeffery, not a so common caliber... but heavvy bullets of 400 grains with a reasonable mild recoil....

    Spitskop Safaris - South Africa

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    I would say a 458 Win or 375 H&H....I would take the 375 H&H if it was loaded with good bullets. Easy to point and shoot!

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    The Lott would have to be one of the most practical DG PH calibres available, but for use as a clients rifle also, and with the use with a QD scope, then the 416Rem would be another good choice.
    416Rem Ammunition is quite common also.

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    G'day Lionel.

    I agree with some of the above posts.
    For YOUR personal use, the Lott is a magnificent cartridge for back-up. I have been using one now for more than 10 years and love it. The Lott does everything I, and you, need it to do, but I would not reccomend it for client use.

    Without prior exposure, which some clients may/may not have, the Lott can be a handfull for some poeple.

    We loan out .375's for client use and we find we, on average, get better and quicker kills from those rifles than from hunters using .40 cal + rifles.
    The .375 is just plain easier for most folks to shoot and they shoot them better !

    The power of the Lott will not make up for a flinched poor shot.

    If your considering getting the Blaser with interchangable barrels, get the .45 for your use and a spare .375 for client use.

    Paul Truccolo
    Southern Safaris Australia

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