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Factory ammo in .375..

This is a discussion on Factory ammo in .375.. within the .375 & Up forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Hey Guys, Any recommendations on factory ammo for larger plains game and also for DG excluding elephant?...

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    Default Factory ammo in .375..

    Hey Guys,
    Any recommendations on factory ammo for larger plains game and also for DG excluding elephant?

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    Jul 2009

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    Hi Docman

    Federal Premium Cape Shock Barnes you just can’t go wrong there, Swift A frames might be better for the cats though?

    Best Regards
    Louis van Bergen
    Louis Van Bergen
    Spiral Horn Safaris - South Africa
    Cell:+ 27 76 577 6292

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    I will agree with Louis to a point. I like the barnes load...but I've never been able to get Swifts to shoot to my liking, they are good bullets but I like the Noslers better--hard to beat a good partition

    Graf & Sons - FED AMMO 375 H&H 300g NSL PART. NIK.(C/S) 20/b 10/c

    The one above is a very good lower cost load that I would trust on anything (plains game)--up through giraffe--.. other than maybe someting like buffalo

    THis is one ass kicking load if your rifle will shoot it!!! It does not get any better than this one!!! Make sure your 375 will shoot the 350--some like them some dont!

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    Ditto with 505ED,

    In most of my rifles the factory loaded partition always seem to group alot better than the A-frame, plus I personally think it's a better bullet in itself. All I shoot is factory ammo, so, I have tried alot of different brands. Scott

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    I have only pushed some blue box Federals in my .375 that I bought late last summer, all other rounds have been handloaded. But I think I'm kind of in the same position as you in that I'm looking for a one bullet solution for larger plains game and for Buffalo.

    I have been experimenting with North Fork softs, Swift A-Frames and Barnes TSX's in 300 grains. As to accuracy, I have not found a combination on the NF's (which I don't believe are available anyway in factory ammo) or A-Frames that is to my liking. At one hundred yards, I'm talking about a two inch spread. Now if the quarry is ONLY buffalo where shots are generall inside this from what I read, that is plenty fine and your are inside the "one minute of beast" phrase I occasionally see.

    The TSX loads that I've shot so far are the most accurate and I've kind of just begun with these. But the group I got on Sunday was about a 1.25" group at 100 yards and I think this can be improved. The only concern I have about this round is for PG and the distance that one should shoot them. The TSX's need a fair amount of velocity to get that pretty X shape and so I'm a little leery of sending them out beyond 200 yards.

    Now having said that, I will definitely be working a 300gr Nosler Partition. The gold old NP being soft up front will expand well at slower speeds however I have read reports in other places casting some doubt on the effectiveness on Buffalo. While the partitions aren't the most accurate bullet out there I have collected the diminutive Coues deer at 260 yards and elk at 280 yards with it. The 160gr 7mm version also dropped a Shiras moose at 175 yards with one shot, and the animal went all of about 10-15 feet after the shot.

    I hope this doesn't muddy the waters more than clears them for you. I would like to hear what others think of the 300gr Partition for use on Buff.

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    I have only used Federal 300 gr Trophy bonded bearclaws. They have accounted for two buffalo in my rifle, and another in my buddy's 375 H&H. They have also done very well on assorted plainsgame. I haven't tried anything else as i have been happy with these. The second two buffalos also had follow up shots with Federal sledgehammer solids, they also worked just fine.

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    We have been using/supplying Federal Premium factories, loaded with the Barnes T.S.X's for several years in our loan rifles for use on Asiatic buffalo with outstanding results.
    Unfortunately the prohibitive cost (+ - $200 pre box) down here in aus has forced me to seek an alternative.
    Apart from the cost, I have nothing but praise for the performance of these loads.
    Paul Truccolo
    Southern Safaris Australia

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    Nosler 300 gr. partitions were my goto load for getting up cloase and personal with bears in Alaska. Can't say about how they will work in Africa yet but I can say they saved my tail up north more than once. I mostly used handloads at about 2500 fps, however, there are
    plenty of both factory and specailty ammo companies out there to pick from: Federal, Hornady, Speer, Remington, Winchester, Nosler
    all now load or have loaded in the past some excellent 375 ammo, ( I have a stash of 300 gr. failsafe's put back). There are also several good specialty ammo companies with loads that will work : Double Tap, Longhunter Custom Ammo, etc. I have used some 235 grn. Triple Shocks from Double Tap that were very accurate in my 375 Encore, (they were also loaded to the max.) Used some 260 gr.
    Accubonds from Longhunter- also very accurate with very managable recoil. I really like the 260 gr. Accubond for all around use on
    on game in North America. i don't see any reason it wouldn't work well in Africa on non dangerous game. The Accubond load from
    Longhunter gave me some of my best groups in my old Interarms Mark X.

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    The 300 gr Nosler Partitions shoot very well and perform as they should in Africa or anywhere else. I used them in Botswana and Zim with no complaints, and usually had full penetration.

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    I've been hand-loading for about ten years now,and I'm one of those guys who likes to have a bullet go EXACTLY where I send it. I'm getting clover leaf accuracy at 100 with 250gr Sierra Game King's at around 2650 fps. Strangely,though,this does not seem to be a very popular bullet,but I have never (touch wood) needed a second shot on any plains game,including Eland. Although I have yet to try it,I'm thinking that this could even be good cat ammo?

    As far as factory ammo goes,this CZ of mine is most accurate with a locally made PMP 286gr Solid.I have not used this ammo for hunting yet and would like to hear from any hunter that has.

    Thanks all,

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    I'm not surprised at all you are having good results with the Sierra Game Kings. They really really are a excellent bullet. They just don't get the marketing that Barnes, Nosler and others get. And I think they would be fine with the cats...hopefully they don't damage the pelt too much.

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