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.505 Gibbs

This is a discussion on .505 Gibbs within the .375 & Up forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; I'm not sure that we're disagreeing, though I can see how my post may have miscommunicated. I, too, would advocate ...

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    I'm not sure that we're disagreeing, though I can see how my post may have miscommunicated. I, too, would advocate most anything 50 cal over the 416 Rigby for buffalo. My point, was that the 505 Gibbs has a monster powder volume. It longs for a shoving flat ballistic. If such volume is not used then a smaller volume 50 calibre is in order, of which there are several.

    By way of analogy, I say the same at the 416 level. The reason for the Rigby is to use the massive powder volume. with comfortable 6000 ftlb loads. Otherwise a person should opt for cartridges with a lesser volume like the 416 Rem/Ruger.

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    This may get me in trouble with someone we both know but I am thinking about building a 505 Gibbs on a GMA action and shooting loads similar to the original. I know the 500AR and Michael's 500MDM will work fine and can be built in a lighter, more handy package. However some of hunting in Africa is nostalgia. Nothing like a fine 505 Gibbs. My WILL feed Flatnose Solids. Just please do not tell Michael M about the Gibbs.

    This Barrie Duckworth's 505 Gibbs in a 1930's vintage George Gibbs rifle.

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    I'm sorry, I read in to that you thought that the 416 preformed like the 50 cals. I see you were just talking about efficiency. Point taken.


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